Does anyone own the GPSDO unit?

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Does anyone know if this would be worth worthwhile installing the GPSDO into the 6700.  As frequency stability is excellent without this unit it appears to be unnecessary expense?  But this would add GPS to the radio (positional information etc.) to the radio which may increases the radios functionality with future software updates?   

Thanks, Nick, M0 NAG   
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Posted 3 years ago

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Have two that I use. The one on my 6700 today is a Jackson-Labs Fury, providing an external 10 MHz reference. My other external reference is a tenMHz LPRO-GPSDO reference oscillator with rubidium oscillator.

I suspect that by adding the internal GPSDO, Flex's firmware will eventually allow for accurate time stamping of the VITA-49 streaming IQ. That would be a really great feature.

Dr. Gus Lott, KR4K
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My view of the FLEX GPSDO is that it is a high quality frequency reference.  It is manufactured for FLEX by Jackson Labs.  Jackson Labs is known as one of the highest quality manufacturers of GPSDO devices.

Today a stable signal is essential for certain weak signal modes and for driving transverters for use on VHF/UHF/microwave bands.  In addition to providing a frequency reference for use inside my FLEX-6700, the FLEX GPSDO also provides a 10 MHz reference signal output for use with other devices.

The 10 MHz reference out from my GPSDO feeds a Stanford Research Systems FS-730/1 10 MHz distribution (and buffer) amplifier.  The FS-730/1 has 7 outputs which replicate the reference signal, buffer the signal, and provide channel to channel isolation.  This prevents noise from any connected device from being re-transmitted to other connected devices.

I use the outputs from the FS-730/1 to feed reference signals to other transceivers (TS-990S, K3s, & IC-7800) and to test equipment (spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, and arbitrary function/waveform generator.)

In the future the FLEX GPSDO may be important for use with new modes or software.  For now, it provides me with a high quality 10 MHz reference source for use with 6 other pieces of equipment.

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I like my GPSDO. It's keeping things calibrated for now. In the future it has been suggested that it might be used to provide additional features. Such as serving as a timing source for your PC, And possibly allowing us to sync our receivers to other remote 6XXX series receivers, maybe for diversity reception, or Beam Steering.

73, Jay - NO5J