does anyone have trouble when you key the mike the radio shuts down , and what causes it in a 6300 1.9 software

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the radio shuts down when you key the mike and modulate with voice or whistle , no amp just a hex beam or dipole 25' high and original mike
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Posted 6 months ago

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Can you try lowering the power down to 5 watts or less and see what happens?
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Several things might be causing it....

1) insufficient power supply. The rig might be taxing it too much and your voltage could drop and the rig safety is shutting it down.

2). Poor or loose connection between power supply and rig, or insuffient wire size, causing voltage drop...similar to above.

3). RF getting into the rig or computer via Ethernet cables. Apply mix-31 ferries to Ethernet cables between rig and computer.

4). RF getting into the rig via the powered speaker lines. Use same treatment of ferrites.

Is the power supply sitting down, or just the rig. I have an old Vista supply that shuts off if I Transmit on 2 Meters with the antenna too close.

Ken - NM9P
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Along with Ken's advice, make a transmition at a 100w on CW or AM and use a V meter at the power connection on the radio to see if your voltage drops to much while you transmit.

You need to stay around 13v. Or you can use FRStacks, it has a v meter option that gives the voltage in the radio. The Flex Meter has as well.
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Also try TX into a dummy load.  If it works then, then you have RF getting back into the system.
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While I suspect a voltage issue, its always a really good idea to place toroids around all cables. I started doing this because there a frequencies that will shut things off, but you don't find them until you trasnsmit on the offending frequency. And that might be months after you think there isn't any RFI. I've had a couple of times on 40 meters that transmitting resets the router. So I just do them all first.
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RFI or, a shorted transmission line. My 6400 would shutdown in milliseconds due to a shorted RG8X for from the output connector. It shutdown at any power over around 10 watts, or thereabouts.

Flex radios are very good at protecting themselves.
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My money is on the power supply as well...