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The wisdom scattered throughout the community posts is pretty amazing. If you have a question and are willing to dig through generations of posts you can probably find the answer to life, the universe and everything. If human knowledge was stored and accessed this way I think we'd still be struggling to get the first airplane off the ground.

So my idea is this... FlexRadio Systems might consider a new position or maybe even a community volunteer position (with benefits) that would be responsible for gathering all this wisdom from developers and community members into an indexed online document. I think I mentioned before that I very much like the format of the O'Reilly cookbooks where a problem is presented, solution provided and details are discussed.

To be clear, I'm referring to operational setup and techniques including interfacing with third party products. I'm not talking about API documentation or other programming support. I think the existing wiki is a good start - though it needs some TLC.

I've been searching the archives for ideas on using the 6500 with N1MM and doing voice keying and recording. There are many dozens of posts concerning some twist on this search. Some are two years old and outdated, others say wait for the new features in 1.6, and some provide very detailed step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish a task. With all the work that has gone into a solution by someone in the community it seems the right thing to do would be to make that information easily accessible. Searching can take you down many rabbit holes before you find the right one. A detailed document of tools and techniques could address common issues immediately.

If you think on this, there are a lot of possibilities (including doing nothing). I think the authors should be credited for their work. I really think some interesting techniques could be discovered this way.

So someone asks a question (maybe for the first time, maybe for the 50th, it's all good). The Documentation Specialist reviews the question and answers and, if it meets some criteria, he formats that into a recipe that others can follow. Maybe he asks the posters some direct questions or maybe he asks the developers for some information to help explain the hows and whys. In the end, this gathered wisdom is included in a part of the site he or she maintains. If it isn't too big a job then maybe the document maintainer can review older recipes to see if they need updating or have been superseded. 

As you can tell, I've done most of my thinking on this while typing... kind of a ramble. Not even sure this is something that could get off the ground (intended).

Kevin K4VD
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Posted 2 years ago

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Can I venture a name for this project's product? 

As I'd like to see it in a PDF and available in hardcopy, suggesting calling it "HARK" for "Handbook of Accepted Radio Knowledge."

Sort of FAQ and Best Practices on 'roids!


Steve K9ZW

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Hi Kevin

I totally agree with you and posted something similiar a few weeks ago but didnt get any responses to the post. I see a moderated wiki as a good idea so the poster could prepare and add to the wiki and then a moderator could check content and allow it to become part of the wiki.

The secret though would be to keep it upto date with regards to Smart SDR version and specific software version.....

I myself have owned a flex for a few months and spent many hours trolling through the forum and the web to pull together the required information for setting up various software packages.

I like the idea of the documents containing an explanation of why you use certain software settings etc so you understand what you actually doing not just following a list of instructions.

After two months I have now got my setup almost there and would like to share my hard work in setting up Logging / contest / digi modes / skimmer / VPN (WAN) etc etc etc

I could also see the document / wiki containing specific hardware setup details especially with the new USB functionality.

Regards Andy M5ZAP

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Great Idea! SDRgadgets, and I would like to participate!  Or, we could use your help.
I don't want to compete, I just want to Git-r done!


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  73, Jay - NO5J

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Well , today's a bad day to checkout SDRgadgets the servers getting hit with a Spambot DOS attack. I'm working on getting it readable again.


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   73, Jay - NO5J

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I asked similar question during the PDSR days and I got nowhere with the subject.
In the beginning of SmartSDR I met the same opposition; I even volunteered to do it for FREE and it was rejected too.

There are so many repetitions of questions as new Flex radio users come aboard that at times it becomes boring readings.

 If the forum current knowledge center would recognize a few words regarding a particular subject, it would be answered in a few seconds.

Presently, it takes a few tries to get to what you may be looking for but, most of the time if you are not very specific with your question, the result will be rejected or it would have no knowledge of what you are asking.

 However, the question should have an orderly request to quiz for answers;

Such as:

1. Radio you are using.

2. Software version you are using.

3. Software causing the problem or not working.

4.  Anything else you feel that we should know or have answers to.

Include the error code; Photos of what you are seeing; etc...

 Time stamp the question, so it can be cataloged. An answer that is several years old may not longer apply. Or, be the answer you are looking for.

 In other words the catalog of answers should reflect whether it is for Fldigi, HRD, DAX, CAT, and N1MM etc...  

 But most important: Before posting a question; check the forum and do a search; to see if that problem has been asked before

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I would like to contribute. A moderated wiki format seems best.