Display screen cleaning?

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Does Flex have any recommendations for cleaning the M series display screen of my messy fingerprints? Ant techniques or solutions to avoid?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Good question, It does not matter what other people do, wait to hear from Flex as to what they recommend.
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While we await authoritative guidance from Flex, I wanted to highlight a particular item, which is "Endust for Electronics Screen & Electronics Cleaner."  It is inexpensive but does a superb job cleaning my monitors.  If it can be trusted for use on expensive monitors, then I speculate it might be the ideal solution for radio displays.  Disclaimer: I have no relationship with Endust other than being a satisfied customer.
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I have a glass microfiber towel I keep in the shack.  I just give it a light spritz with glass cleaner and then wipe the display.

Mine has stayed pretty clean. But I have not been contesting and eating fried chicken yet either :)

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I use a microfiber cloth and a small spray of eyeglass cleaner.  Flex should recommend some type cleaner in their setup instructions..  
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I've read NOT to use Windex or that kind of glass cleaner on touch screens.  I would think that eyeglass cleaner should be safe.   And spritz the cloth, not the screen!
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According to several reputable resources, do not use household glass cleaners as they contain harsh chemicals that will damage anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings.  Ultra fine microfiber cleaning cloths are best, optionally moistened with filtered or distilled water to clean sticky debris. 

A solution of filtered or distilled water and a modest percentage of isopropyl alcohol (substantially less than 50%) is safe to use on stubborn gunk. Some advisors recommend vinegar instead of isopropyl alcohol. Do not use any other type of alcohol or any other chemicals.   Never apply liquid directly to the screen -- apply only to the microfiber cloth to moisten, but not dripping wet. 

Larry KB1VFU
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I have left on the plastic cover that was on the screen when I took it out of the box. It works fine with it on getting to the menus. 
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Damp Rag with water
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I've used the iKlear products for years on my computers and mobile devices. No issues.


Scott N1SER
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There are many touch screen cleaner wipes available at Best Buy, Wal Mart, Amazon, and the like, that are specifically made for PC monitor, Tablets or Phone touch screens.
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The display used in the new "M" radios and the Maestro is the same type used in smartphones, tablets and laptops so cleaning is the same.
Two important things to remember is you must use the correct cleaning solution and the correct Non abrasive cloth made for screen cleaning or you will damage the screen.

links to an examples of cleaning products for screens.



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For my smart iPhone I have a clear protective (plastic?) cover that goes over the screen. This protects the screen from damage, starches and finger usage. Is there a similar clear cover that can be added over the Maestro or M model screens to protect it?