Dimmable LED desk lamp for operating position recommendation needed

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I presume some of you have been through a selection process to find a usable dimmable LED desk lamp with articulating arm that does not create RFI back into your Flex on HF.

My current desk lamp (Halogen with mini bulb dimmable) makes a great deal of noise in the 80 meter band and I'd like to replace it.  Hard to operate without a lamp.  My wife calls my home office / shack the cave. Often I need a dimmed light in the cave hihi.

Thank for any help.  PeterV WB3FSR on the Jersey Shore
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Posted 3 years ago

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Marty Gibson

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Hi Peter..
Not really a resolution but i have the same issue with a Samsung Monitor...
Rfi is terrible in 1 of my 2 monitors.
Both Samsung.
Im assuming at this stage that its the AC to DC powerpack..
I cannot interchange packs ,as monitors have different entry ports. Was looking at a quick process of elimination, but cannot.

Its so annoying to say the least!! Rfi on most bands but 20m is by far the worst.
Keen to see what others have to say re your problem.
No doubt it runs a cheap and nasty adaptor like my monitor...zero filters!

Marty - vk2vcc
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Steve W6SDM

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I use an LED desk lamp that can be dimmed, swiveled, etc.  It looks like an inverted letter L.  I get no noise or heat, which is great.

Since I have five monitors on the Flex computer,  another computer and monitor that is the APRS I-Gate, and a computer and monitor for my work bench, my wife calls my room the Global Domination Center.  She won't even come in to dust.  Great place to hide Christmas presents.
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Good to hear Steve, when u have opportunity would u share make etc Tnx PeterV WB3FSR
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Bill Edwards

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I have tried many alternatives, but the only one guaranteed for me is a candle with a moveable aluminum foil reflector.

Good Luck


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Ken - NM9P

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LOL! A one candle-power radio station!

But, Bill, are't you concerned about candle soot residue corroding your electronic connections? LOL!
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Ernest - W4EG

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I am still laughing Bill !
You really nailed that one. Tnx
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Steve W6SDM

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I'm using a Satechi DL-60-H 12 volt LED Desk lamp.  You can check their site at www.satechi.com 
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Ken - NM9P

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I have stayed away from dimmable LED's in the shack until I see more RFI data. I do use a swing-arm magnifier with a circular fluorescent bulb that doesn't seem to cause much trouble, except for a second or two when first switched on.
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Clay N9IO

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I too stear clear of dimmer circuits.
My shack has many relatively cheap clip-on lamps with the old fashioned medium base I have found at Target for example but I use name brand LED's like Phillips med base LED PAR20 spot lamps.
They're cool, I direct them as needed and if in the unlikely event one dies I can easily replace it since it is not some crazy proprietary base. The lamp can be dimmer capable but I choose not to dim it.
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I'm using a simple lamp on an arm base (like a mic boom arm) normally you would clamp to the edge of the desk. Both my mic boom arm and Lamp boom arm are clamped to the monitor arms of my clamp on dual monitor mount. This also has the advantage of providing a riser mount for the mic and lamp booms. the lamps identical to the old cheap desk lamps with a rotary on/off switch mounted in the lampshade/socket. I'm using 60-watt compact fluorescent bulbs I can swivel the lamp to direct the light anywhere on the desktop. The lamp is left off until I need the extra light. I thought I needed a riser for the mic stand to get the arm to clear my monitors. So it migrated to the monitor boom first,  that worked so well that when I discovered the need for more light above the desk I shopped Amazon and found a lamp with a similar arm.  


#FlexRadio IRC chat

  73, Jay - NO5J

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Norm - W7CK

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Here in the SW there is a guy that shows up at all of the hamfests.  He owns a business that you can find at http://www.wiredco.com/

I bought some warm white LEDs for my 5th wheel camper from him and there isn't any RFI that I can see coming from them.  I liked them so much that the next time I saw him at a hamfest,  I bought some 12" and 24" warm white strip lights and I don't detect any RFI on the Flex from either of them.

The strip lights are nice.  I put one under the shelf on my desk and it works perfectly - indirect light on the surface of the desk.  The other is in a stereo cabinet that now doubles as a display case for my key collection.  The strip lights come in bright white or soft/warm white.  I personally like the soft or warm white color spectrum much better.  I can't remember if they came with a short power cord extension that has a built in dimmer or if I had to purchase that separately.  You'll just have to check.

Give him a call if you need help deciding on what to get.  He is also a ham so he can steer you in the right direction and maybe comment on RFI issues if any.  The lights run off of 12v which is great because I run everything except the amp here off of 12v battery.  You could also run them off of a wall wart or the shack 12v supply.

I have no affiliation with his company.

Norm - W7CK
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roger na4rr

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I bought some bulbs for my boat from this source a few years ago.  Good service and products.
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xiaiy il

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I am using an LED desk lamp that I bought on Amazon. It looks neat and looks modern. It is very bright and can change color from cool white to warm yellow in 5 settings. You tilt the light bar up and down, turn the light assembly left and right, rotate the light bar clockwise and counterclockwise.
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xiaiy il,

I purchased the same lamp 2 years ago after I started this thread.


Lampat LED Desk Lamp, Dimmable LED Table Lamp 

It has performed without issue and has not presented any RFI that I have detected.  I have recommended this lamp to other hams with no reported issues.