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Got my brand new, shiny, nice smelling 6300 yesterday. Got it unpacked, set it on the shelf and since I don't have an antennae up yet that was as far as I got. Called a friend that has a 6300 to let him know mine was here. He offered to make sure it would run so I took it over to his place. We unplugged his unit and plugged mine in and fired it off. Pretty green  light comes on but no glory. Message came up asking if we wanted to degrade software. Hmmmm - no, I don't think we want to do this! I figure his firmware might have been out of date and I don't want to go degrading anything right now.
I better get to the point I guess - is my guess about his software being older than mine correct?
I can tell this microphone isn't going to last long, too short - what is a decent desk type mike without breaking the bank guys?
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Posted 4 years ago

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It's actually okay to degrade the software and firmware. It doesn't hurt anything...the beer won't disappear from the fridge.

I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a mike right away. SmartSDR has a very effective equalize that will make you sound great on just about any mic. Some people even use the cheap computer headsets very effectively.

Get outside and throw a wire up in the trees. You can't have that great radio just sitting on the shelf.

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I would Definitely NOT downgrade your Firmware.  Your friend is just running out of date Software (SmartSDR) on his computer which needs an earlier version of firmware to run the radio

Suggest to your friend that he update his SmartSDR software and his radio firmware to the most recent versions V1.6.17
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Official Response
You received two answers that may seem confusing.  Let me see if I can clarify for you.

When you run a version of SmartSDR for Windows, there is a specific firmware version of software that must be loaded into the radio hardware.  Essentially the software running on your PC must be in sync with the firmware inside the radio.  

You will get a downgrade or upgrade firmware message if the software you are running is out of sync.

In your case, as Howard stated, your friend is running an older version of SmartSDR and your radio has a newer version.  They are out of sync and you would have to downgrade to use his software.  As Jon indicated, this is just fine.  I downgrade firmware in my radio daily for testing and support purposes.  So essentially both answers, while seemly contradictory, are correct.

I agree with Howard that your friend needs to upgrade to the latest version of SmartSDR as well as you need to download it and run it too.  
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Bill, As far as mikes that won't break the bank... There are several posts about the subject. I guess it depends upon how much breaks your bank.

But Radio Shack, believe it or not, has a nice cardioid Mike for about $39 that looks very good on paper. I have a friend who got another Mike at RS for $19.95 that sounds great on his Flex-3000. It looks similar to a Sure SM-58 and has an attached cable.

I use a Heil PR-22UT which cost me about $107 at Guitar Center during a sale.

The best advice is to take your time. Mike selection is the subject of many passionate arguments and is dependent upon finding a Mike that fits YOUR particular voice characteristics, operating style, and purpose. I.e. Do you want studio quality rag chew audio, or are you a serious contester/DXer?

My advice is to get a quality, full range Mike with good clarity and articulation. Then learn to use the Mike settings like filter hi/lo, TX EQ, and Processor to make two or three different profiles for different purposes.

Check out some of the tutorials and discussion threads on this board. They will help.

Have fun!

Ken - NM9P
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I have been using a Shure PG-48 for the past year after a bit of TX-EQ tweaking I get great reports on audio. Here is an Amazon Prime link
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I use a Chinese made mic sold by Amazon Google BM-800 microphone on Amazon. Was around $30