Defective FHM-1? Not work with Maestro

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For the past several weeks I've tried to use my FHM-1 with my Maestro.  I was getting consistent reports of "low audio."  I fiddled with all kinds of settings, including setting Menu>Phone/CW Microphone setting to +20dB for both Maestro and Radio.  Nothing helped.  Then I plugged in an old Yaesu MH-36 that I had laying around the shack, and I immediately got a report of "great audio" from Doug K4SWJ, with whom I was in QSO. He said that the audio was much stronger. I noticed that that I was now getting proper deflection of the Po meter on the Maestro, peaking at near 100 watts.  With the FHM-1 the deflections were peaking at about five watts.

When I switched to the MH-36 I was still at this point using the preloaded FHM-1 mic profile.  From this I concluded that I had a defective FHM-1.  Thinking back, I'm not sure I had ever used my FHM-1 before.  I believe that I got it years ago when I purchased a Flex 1500.  I used that rig almost exclusively for digital modes in a portable environment, so I never needed a mic.

I'd appreciate hearing from others and their experiences using the FHM-1 microphone with a Maestro.  As I said, I now suspect that mine is defective, but I'd like to know this for sure before I start to take it apart and look for issues. 

Tnxs & 73 de Carl N8VZ
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Posted 2 years ago

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FHM-1 doesn‘t work with Maestro.
I use the FHM-2 with no problem.
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Almost same thing here. Bought a Flex6400 and Maestro at the last Hamvention. Order the cable to connect the FHM-2 to the Maestro direct from Flex. Received bad audio report.... Then switch to a Yeasu MH-31... I have a few here.... Now great audio report and no problem to get audio out of this mic. The FHM-2 is now out of service here. Hopefully, I did not paid an extra for this mic. 73 de Jeff | VA2SS
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Received my FHM-2 especially for Maestro w. Rj-45 connector a week ago. Only UFB audio reports, great audio.
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There has been an issue with some FH-2 mics not properly configured by the manufacturer that FLEX uses to pass bias voltage. The cap and resistor are missing. FRS are aware of this issue and I suspect your FH-2 may be one. I also had one and suggest you put in a ticket. As always FLEX stands by their products. Why the FH-1 does not work is something I can not answer. Also the issue with the FH-2 seems to be only when you use the modular connector and are plugged into Mic 1 on the Maestro. Mic 2 handles bias differently when using what I call the separate pigtail connectors.
Neil   N4FN