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Waiting DAX.......ASAP (it is a the TOP of my wish list).and imagining how it will be implemented, the DAX could have many features in addition to the annunced functions similar to the VAC.

We know that DAX will make available the audio or the I & Q channels from each of the slice recivers for many important pourposes, we know it will not be a component of the SmartSDR but will be managed by hardware itself; SmartSDR will be a client right now.

1 - Idea...if DAX will be "Audio Server" not exclusive for SmartSDR (main client) we can image to share the audio or I&Q channels on our LAN, for example, to run decoders ,audio recorders, analyzers or simple listen in other PCs than the one we are using with SmartSDR.

2 - Idea as before......if DAX will be a two way audio server (IN & OUT) will accept audio coming from external client than SmartSDR, we can use a dedicated PC for real time MIC audio processing (VST), sending the audio signal through the LAN to the TX. (yes we can do this similar right now, using one of varius inputs available in the hardware....but via LAN is more professional ;-) )

Other ideas for DAX ?

73 Beppe

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Posted 6 years ago

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Having DAX in/out channels PER SLICE would be awesome. and much more useful for digital modes than receiving the audio from all of the slices in one channel.

However for remote operation one would prefer to receive all the slices on a stereo DAX channel.

I would assume that there would be a selector somewhere in the slice as to which DAX channel(s) the slice is feeding.
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Since each slice gets a DAX button, I'd assume this is how the virtual audio will work?
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it has been my assumption that DAX will look like a 'sound card', from the OS's point of view and available to any audio application. With one DAX for each Slice.

I would imagine that the 96KHz I/Q would be similar; although, they may limit to one per SCU. They wouldn't have to; but, might.

Ethernet routing (Internet) is NOT on the Road Map, as of yet; so, I assume that will come after v1.4 or maybe v2.0.

Ethernet routing (Internet) would have ALL the features of SmartSDR and with DAX, should allow complete Internet Station operation, without using a 'Skype' type interface. PC based audio (Mic / Spkr, Digital, etc...).

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If you check the Roadmap, it say's TWO receiver DAX. What it will actually become in reality - we can only guess. My assumption is - it may look similar to what was done in PSDR. If this is correct - this is still a very good starting point.
Given the logic how slices are designed, I would assume that each slice (Maximum two, if I read it correctly) will be assigned 2 VACs (or similar). 96 kHz I/Q will be assigned to SCUs only - slices are too narrow for that.
I don't know how much effort is hidden behind DAX, to get it fully functional. However, I'd say that the majority of us desperately need at least basic DAX, something similar to VAC in PSDR, as early as practically possible. WIth 5000 replaced by 6700 and VAC replaced by wires - I've lost a lot of previous functionality. I do have confidence in FRS Team to deliver DAX as promised, but... I can hardly wait! :)
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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!
January is coming! and our "new and improved" rigs are coming, too!
I haven't had so much fun in Ham Radio for years.

How cool is this? I have the best rig I have ever owned, and it keeps getting better!
And I (we) get to make suggestions to the company and they actually deliver, if we can wait long enough for them!

It is almost more fun that getting the soldering iron out and modifying an HW-8!
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Just give me a DAX that will replace a RIGblaster, two isolation transformers, an additional pc power speaker, and two USB sound adapters.. plus a handful of cables!! I didn't think I would ever have to go back to this! January can't come soon enough.

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We are working on it, Mel!