DAX v Win10 updates

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I may have discovered a resolution to all the Windows 10 updates hosing DAX and/or CAT from time to time..  Since I have removed DAX and CAT from the startup (auto start on reboot) and I make sure if I am not running the radio that DAX and CAT are also not running (shutdown)  windows 10 updates have no longer effected me.

1) create some shortcuts to start DAX, CAT and SmartSDR on your desktop or in the "life at a glance panel"

2) remove DAX and CAT from auto starting on boot (task manager - startup)

3) make sure when not in use DAX and CAT are not running

That's it..

Good luck

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Posted 3 years ago

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This works in some circumstances, but is not a universal "fix" as we have had reports of the issues happening even when CAT and DAX are not running at the time of the Win10 update.

There is something "locally environmental" that is causing this issue that we do not have a good handle on what it is.
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Wonder if it would be possible to structure SmartSDR so this problem can be avoided even though you don't have a handle on the problem. I know that sounds stupid but it seems, perhaps, the program could be so bundled as to be impervious to Windows changes.
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If it was only that easy.  Believe me, if we could fire a silver bullet and make this issue go away, we would have done it a very long time ago.

The challenge is, without knowing root cause, making changes based on conjecture is at best a random guess.  These type of program changes inevitably lead to the very real possibility of breaking something else.  This is not a solid engineering practice.
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I PIN DAX and CAT and SSDR to the task bar for easy access to the applications.
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That most definitely didnt work for me, David. I always shut DAX and Cat down when not using them. My latest is an update that toasted the ethernet on two computers - but not two other identical ones. A real pain, but at least one thing was Windows funny. On the Devices settings, it tells me that  "Ethernet adapter Setup incomplete. Connect to the internet". Not specifically anything to do with SmartSDR, but with no ethernet, it's pretty hard to use it with the Flex.

Immmm.......  This all reminds me of working on old British sportscars with their Lucas Electric systems. 
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The reason Brits drink warm beer - Lucas makes their refrigeration.
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That is why they all ride bicycles too. The Lucas electrical systems in their cars
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Na we drink warm beer that's still alive unlike dead beer that has been preserved by refrigeration, speaking of which I'm off for a warm beer right now as it's almost 5-00pm
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Lucas Electrical - The inventor of darkness.
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ah yes, the "Prince of Darkness"
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BTW, My 1st car was a brand new 1967 Austin Healey Sprite. I know all about Brit electrical science.
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Ahh, there is nothing like a pint at the local pub!
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Windows updates are blocked here until I have time to deal with them, the updates runs as a service and can be stopped.

Yes the beer was very good ***** and then a quick Maker Mark Burbon, happy now.

Regarding Brit car electrical systems, totally agree, anything pre 1985 is rubbish as were the BMC, Austin Rover Group and Leyland cars, "I worked on them a lot" that said they were easy to fix, Jaguars and Range Rovers were always good as were RR and Bentley just crazy prices.

Always loved US cars as a kid and still do but would I buy one? the jury is still out, always insist on renting one just for the hell of it when we visit for fun.
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If Lucas electric made guns there would be no wars.
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Sorry for going off topic in this thread it was meant in good spirit.

Lets not get into the gun thing, electric or otherwise, I'm out of here.
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Another Windows trick I am experiencing....Every time (it seems) there is an update it seems to find it necessary to index the name it gives to my Ethernet-connected Network.  I think it is up to "Network 16" now.  And I have had to change it from "Public" to "Private" several times, too.  Curious.