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Is there a way to keep the DAX sample rate set at 96kbps?  It keeps defaulting back to 48k whenever I make a change in SDR-Bridge/CW Skimmer, and I have to manually reset it to 96k.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Rick, a very good question that I have also asked myself, being a newcomer to DAX,
this being my 7th day since I got my Flex-6500.

I have had a Flex-3000 for some years and will keep it. It uses VAC of course, not DAX, and VAC just takes what is thrown at it and does any rate within your specified settings.

Now there is a file in Appdata/Roaming/FlexRadioSystems called DAX.settings. You can open it with the windows editor as it is just an ordinary xml file.

At the bottom of it it says:

 <TXGain5>44</TXGain5>  <RXGain4>50</RXGain4>

Now I already have set DAX IQ stream 1 to 96k, as I want CW skimmer to look at a 96k wide IQ stream.

What I did then was to exit DAX because I wanted to look whether DAX keeps it's setting or not.

Whoopsadaisy - when I restarted DAX it crashed SmartSDR AND the Flex-6500, so I had to reset it.

When I restarted the Flex-6500 and SmartSDR and then DAX - it kept the settings I put there before, i.e. 96k IQ stream.

What I think now - and please correct me if I'm wrong - is that a lot of settings are also kept in the Flex-6500 and written there during reset? The only thing I can say now is that DAX forgot it's setting before and now it is keeping them.

Of course you can write  <IQ1SampleRate>96000</IQ1SampleRate>96000 into DAX.settings by hand.

Please give me feedback as I am slowly coming to grips with the new system ;-))

73, Alex DH2ID
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Yep, definitly - DAX keeps it's IQ stream settings at 96k now.