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With SSDR 2.4.9, how to you set audio levels on different slices for applications that do not have a native output level.

Example: fldigi on slice A, Winlink Express (WINMOR modem) on slice B. Neither of these applications have an output level control. Both must use the same DAX Audio TX stream to transmit. fldigi outputs slightly more audio than Winlink Express and the DAX Audio TX level does not track the level setting per slice.

Is there a virtual mixer application that can be inserted between the apps and the DAX Audio TX channel to adjust levels?

What solutions are out there?
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Danny K5CG

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Posted 6 months ago

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It has been a while since I ran FLDigi, but I remember a set of arrows on the bottom of the main operation screen that can control the audio output level. It seems that there was a set of << >> for large changes and a set
of < > for smaller changes.

I don’t know about Winlink express. I would suggest setting up DAX TX Audio with Winlink, then switch to FLDigi and adjust its power output using the arrows until both are properly set.

Ken - NM9P
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Danny K5CG

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Thanks Ken, I think that will level fldigi with another application but I still think there ought to be a virtual mixer/leveling solution for apps that aren't adjustable at all (without having to take the audio out of the pc to mix/level and bring it back in).
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You might want to play around with VoiceMeeter Banana.  I have used it with other radios but never tried it with DAX.  It is free.

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In the Winmor Winlink session>settings>WInmor TNC setup you can adjust the 'drive level'
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Thanks Al!