CWX rise and fall times for CW envelope.

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Super Aug Insider preview.  Would like to see CWX have the ability to adjust the rise and fall times of the CW envelope.  Any comments?
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Howard K2AQ

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Posted 4 years ago

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Paul Christensen, W9AC, Elmer

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If the CWX speed control is linked to the current CW speed slider, then three separate rise/fall states are already included based on sending speed.  The present waveform break points are at 20 and 30 wpm. 

I measure approx. 8 ms symmetrical rise/fall up to 20 wpm, 5 ms between 20-29 wpm, and 2 ms at 30+ wpm.

Paul, W9AC

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Have you measured rise/fall times in more recent software releases?  I seem to remember reading somewhere that they were changed to keep them between 6-8 ms now, depending upon Keyer Speed setting.  Last I heard there was also only an 8 ms delay between keydown and beginning of note.  This is pretty good, I think.  
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Paul Christensen, W9AC, Elmer

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Hi Ken.  It's been over a year that I've made any CW waveform measurements.  I can do this after the Thanksgiving holiday. 
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I hooked up my Rigol Scope today and had from 5 - 30WPM about 5mS and above 30WPM about 2mS rise time with Software Version 1.3.8  - the CW-speed slider was used for this test and I keyed with an Microham CW-Keyer up to 60WPM. Could no more find the 8mS down to 5 WPM.

I compared the CW-sideband-test-results from Adam AB4OJ between Anan 100D and Flex 6700 and was surprised about the difference of about 15dB@1KHz off carrier, although the diagrams are barely readable at the top 10dB.

When watching the panadapter from my 6500 in CW it ́s easy to see that at 1KHz from carrier the sidebands are 70dB down no matter if 1-100Watts output.

Would be nice to hear more from CW-operators about the impressions for the 6000s. My 6500 has not the popping problem that N4LQ has described.

The QSK with my preferred speed of 25-30WPM is vy pleasant and makes a lot of fun. The reed-relay is vy quiet with the flex under the desk - the vacuum-relay from my HerculesII-Mod.420 is much louder....

73, Helmut dl9eri/oe9eri