CW program for Flex 6500.

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Hello everyone.  Just trying to get some good idea, and places to start looking, for a program that can be used for CW.  I have been using FLDIGI for sometime now for PSK and RTTY.  Got a used 6500 with a Maestro a few months back, and have been using FLDIGI with no problem for PSK and RTTY with the Flex, with no issues.  I tried using FLDIGI on CW the other night with the Flex, and got no keying of the 6500, and the FLDIGI program locked up so bad I had to restart the computer.  Searching some of the post here, it seems that FLDIGI  CW can not be used with the Flex  ???  or did I just miss a setting in Smart SDR and/or Smart Link.

Just need a basic software that will allow CW. 

Flex 6500 up to current software, windows 10. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello Henry, I'll used the UCXLOG PROGRAM, works fine.
Gerard PD0PIW
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CW Skimmer does well for copying DX-style contacts. I’ve yet to find a computer CW application that beats the human ear, though. Transmit using CWX is quite practical for these kinds of contacts.
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Again agree with George.  

If you want a backup copy program that is easy I would recommend CWGET.   That is all it does is CW.  it has the ability to key but frankly I use CWX to key.

I only use CWGET when I am lazy or perhaps when working a fast contest to pickup calls I just can't get.  In contests CW skimmer works better for finding stuff.  CWGET work on your DAX RX 1,2,3,4 outputs only and does not know about the I/Q stream.

Using CWGET I have operated using a laptop outside on my deck over WiFi or in my living room while watching football.

I have used CWGET and CWX remote using a VPN too with great success.

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Here i use CWskimmer for reception  , and CWtype for sending , it macro work good 

CWTYPE  to work together whit  CWGET , but i prefer CW skimmer , multiple decoder
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If when you say "works with cw" you mean decode cw, Brain in between my headphones for decode is my preferred path..  but if you must,   CW skimmer for mass aggregation, CW get is functional also, its decode is semi accurate. For sending, a paddle is quite functional. CWX is quite good and you can save macros and send them at will also works with SmartLink, and there is a built in winkeyer interface to send cw via your logger application as well, or you can plug in a real winkeyer.   ;-).
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Thanks Chris.  Been coping CW for over 55 yrs now, yes I can push very high speeds, with the "brain", and paddles, and any of the custom paddles I have here , and any of the several memory keyers I also have.  I would just as soon see contest do away with all computer aids and computer logging  ... but I thought I'd like to get involved with that side of things, since it does make logging faster and easier.  Yes I did forget about the CWX part of the Flex.  I did play around with it a bit and it is a nice add on.
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The best CW program for the 6500 (or any radio for that matter) runs on this:

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For sending you can use CWX which is built in. For receiving use your brain, CWGet or FLDigi.