CW, N1MM+, and Flex 6000

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Threads of this nature have existed for 2 years (mine included) and are still only partially solved.  Here are three ideas (#3 is probably a bug).

  1. Add a keying device to the client (SSDR) that supports hand key and bug (2 wire), semi and full automatic (3 wire) with iambic A, B, or OFF.  This requires "remote" side tone generation matching a "key down" signal (manual, keyer emulation, or solid key down).  Note: There would be 3 keying locations being SSDR connected key, front panel connected key, and program keying (N1MM, SSDR Keyboard, other programs).  This would likely require a 3 wire USB dongle or cable (with the FlexRadio markings?)
  2. Support the N1MM CTL+T (Tune) function, with side tone
  3. Permit manual and N1MM keying to operate at different speeds.  The control surfaces have the fields but operate inconsistently.

V1.6 was the first time I didn't require a back panel keying transistor to run a CW contest since pre 1.0 beta.  :-)  

 However:  It took a while to "discover" that SSDR WinKey actually worked because I used CTL+T to test the connection.  CTL+T would drive PTT but produce no RF (keying).  Fortunately the SSDR "Tune" button is available but that uses the Tune power not RF power slider.  Yes, after setting amplifier drive I can match RF to TUNE

A manual key was still required on the 6700 front panel and that eliminated remote (still on the same subnet) placement of the radio server (6700).

The speed functions are erratic in that both the automated (N1MM+ function keys) and manual (front panel) transmitted speed randomly changed speeds.  I normally set N1MM speed settings to 28WPM for automated and the manual key at 20WPM for fills.  Often the N1MM speed would override the manual key and sometimes the SSDR speed would override the N1MM speed. 

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While you're at it:
4. support PTT MOX even when Breakin is enabled so hardware Winkeyer can drive PTT with contest messages and op can still use paddle/keyer.  This works with every other radio besides the Flex (or at least K3, Orion, and ANAN-100D).