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Some time back I put in a request to the GetSatisfaction team to add some filters for searching the community.  With all of the posts here, a search can return a lot more data than you really want to see.  This feature can be used to refine and limit a search for ideas, problems, etc.  

They added the feature and it's actually been available for a while.   I wasn't aware they added it and in case you haven't discovered it, here is an example of how it works.  There are actually a two ways to use the new feature.  Here is an example of one method and this is a link further down with details on both methods:

Start from this prompt on the main screen and click the "search" icon.  No text is needed in the box.

This screen below will come up....Click on the "Advanced Search" message.

This screen below will come up where you can refine your search.  

In this example I only want to see "Ideas" with the specified statuses. I want to see them for "all time" and sorted by the number of "me toos."   By leaving the all of the "filter by category" boxes unchecked, I get ideas for all of the products.   Pick your options and click "search."

There is more information on this method and a description of another method you can use to create a custom view on the main screen:

Steven Pal Director Consumer Products profile picture Steven Pal (Director, Consumer Products) replied to this idea: Idea list filtered by status

@Al - Sorry for not closing the loop on this one!  We did end up implementing something to allow users to create a custom view and to have more fine-grained control over filter options.  We also added these filter options to our Advanced Search flow as well.  Here's more info from our release notes:

Release Notes 9/3/2014: Configurable Conversation View, Improved Spam-Fighting, and More!

Release Notes 10/2/2014: Advanced Search

Thanks again for sharing this feedback! 


Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
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