CRS-9 with the GLASS / two FLEX-6700s captured by ISS

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The CRS-9 Space-X Dragon caring the GLASS research and development project with two FLEX-6700s was captured by the ISS this morning.

You can read the brief story about the capture here or watch the video highlights below.

Video Highlights:

Additional details on the GLASS project can be found on the JAMSS America website (principal investigator) here:

Details can also be found in the CRS-9 manifest and on the NASA website here:

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Posted 3 years ago

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well, that was quite interesting thanks, I was wondering what frequency was used for the this Transmission ?


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I find that fascinating.  One of the reasons I bought my 6500 was after seeing SSDR demonstrated at Lebanon in 2013, I immediately recognized the implications of the technology for other uses. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I was employed by one of the 3-letter agencies, and I know I'd have killed to have had then, the power I now have at my fingertips here in the shack.  The waves of nostalgia keep sweeping over me, and I wish I could be back in the game, if even for a day.
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Fascinating stuff!  Thank you so much for sharing this Steve!

David G4NRT
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Ha ha!  Many decades ago, I was a FREELANCE SCHOOLTEACHER in Vietnam.  I lived in a small mountain town in an area that the military considered "unsecured."  I was *NOT* working for "one of the 3-letter agencies, BUT many in the military were convinced that I was.  I did NOTHING to dispel that theory, and used it to my advantage to gain -er- "privileges" and "dispensations" that I was not eligible for.  It was a lot of fun, playing that game.  My life dramatically improved when I gained PX privs that I shouldn't have had.  :D  
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I make the translation in french about The Project GLASS. This is here in my website from Belgium
Thanks for informations !