Controlling Icom PW1 band change from 6500

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I am trying to link my PW1 and 6500 for auto band change. I have downloaded ddutil v3, and I have a usb based serial to civ adapter (produced in UK by G4ZLP) which I assume to be equivalent to the Icom CT17. So far no success but not sure if I have all the settings made properly. Does anyone have such a link working properly? Or can advise how to set up ddutil.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response
K3MA and I did indeed have a hard time getting the PW-1 to work with DDUtil. We tried three different converters before success. We tried a W2ENY converter that worked years ago but not now, a K9JM router that I didn't get programmed, and finally a real Icom CT-17 converter that did work. 

The amplifier has a default address of 54h and DDUtil uses 33h and this combination works.

I brought along an RS 232 LED breakout box to look at the serial port data and signaling lines, plus a small oscilloscope to look at the data going into the amp (with a modified 1/8" monaural audio cable). Seeing the data was very, very helpful but not the answer.

Thanks to Windows 7 Pro, we discovered that Com 1 was actually the third port on our 4 port serial adapter card in the computer, so be certain that your port is really your port. And if you're using a USB to serial converter, make sure your serial side is set for 9600 baud.

But even with all that we still didn't have success and it was good old fashioned putzing around that got things working. In the end we found that checking the RTS box and leaving the DTR box unchecked brought us to the promised land. Other converters may require a different setting especially if it is powered from the DTR line.....The CT-17 has a wall wart power supply.

We found that getting the amp synced to an IC-9100 was helpful to ensure the amp was working properly. There is no converter needed in this setup, just a monaural 1/8" cable between the radio and amp. If you have an oscilloscope available, monitoring this data can give you something to compare against with the CI-V converter. Use a sweep time around 2 mS.

The amp follows DDUtil a bit slower than an Icom radio but it does work. You have no control over the power on/off (thanks Icom) and we did not modify the amp to pass RF through it when powered down so the amp is on 24/7.

We did set up Autodrive in DDUtil and be careful to not get near the VSWR limits as the amp will fault off and that requires a manual reset, IIRC. Don't forget to wire a PTT cable from the Flex PTT output to the PTT input to the amp and enable it in the radio settings tab. I think we set the PTT delay for 20 mS. We selected Exciter 1 on the back of the amp as well. 

Bon chance.