Connection to Maestro Server lost...updating with poor Internet

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Finished both remote island Maestro/Flex-6000 updates to

The W9EVT update of his Maestro and Flex-6300 was easily accomplished by patching the router in use to another network with Internet access.

A fifty-foot Ethernet cable did the trick.

My island QTH Maestro and Flex-6700 ended up a more complex process as the Island's DSL based Internet commenced acting up.

The process stalled and/or failed several times, an example above in the picture of the loss of Maestro Server connection though Internet was accessible and similar glitches.

It wasn't possible to keep everything solid long enough to update the radio, so that portion was done from the shack computer after six tries to download the 1.9.9 installer a full download was achieved.

Now updated the station is all on and all parts seem happy!

A couple thoughts - down the road could one Maestro "seed" another Maestro/Radio ?

Could a locally presented pre-downloaded update file be simply verified by the Maestro server to minimize the connectivity and data load when actually out at the remote site?

Suggestions aside the installers are robust enough to work through bad conditions and everything worked in the end.

Thank you, 73

Steve K9ZW
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Posted 3 years ago

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I can see a number of reasons why it would be good to have

1.  a maestro to update another maestro on a LAN..
2.  SSDR to have the ability to send a package to maestro to update it.

I think one or both are valid feature requests.

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How about download to a usb drive and update from that?
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How about having the ability to update the firmware just by putting a USB Thumb Drive with the appropriate master files into the rig's USB port?  I don't know if that is even technically possible, but it would solve the "I don't have any internet at the shack but want to upgrade" problems.
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Well, the USB part of that is moot.. if you take a maestro, look it over head to toe, then tell me if you can find a USB port. If you do, let me know ;-).
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That's how the "Infotainment" computer/GPS is updated on my motorcycle. Download an ISO file from the vendor to a thumb drive and plug it into the bike. Bike recognizes the ISO and updates the computer.