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Hi Tim or Steve or...,
   I noticed this has been reported very early on but I suspect that doesn't apply. I've been running SSDR for the better part of a year now with limited issues. However, in the last 2-3 days I've had a rash of Connection lost errors. As Howard explained a year ago, this requires a reset of the radio, as opposed to the current radio responding to the 'ping' of a started SSDR. I am unaware of anything environmental that would cause the radio to abort or otherwise fail, requiring a reboot (after all it is running Linux, not Windows). So I present this problem, not as a forum for speculation on the part of users, rather if you could say or find out what actually is happening to cause the radio to have an unrecoverable failure. I understand 1.0 and 1.1 may have had stability issues, but now it's 1.3.8. And, I've never had this problem prior to the last couple of days. A tangential concern is whether this is somehow related to other issues I've reported in recent days/weeks, like a quiet (just noise floor) panadapter except for the passband the slice is set to. The passband reflects a signal the size of the passband that moves as I move the slice. Jim made a Twilight Zone Movie reference there were no other responses. It was really bizarre but it really happened, and now the unrecoverable errors from the radio itself.


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Posted 5 years ago

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In the last few days I've begun experiencing the "Lost Connection" issue again as well as a re-occurrence of the Flex-dedicated PC totally locking up.  I've had these problems off and on for some time.  The system will be stable for weeks at a time and then suddenly the problem crops up, and then mysteriously goes away in a few days.   My suspicion is that it is somehow related to one or more of the many Windows Updates that are applied periodically.
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Same here, Rick. The past few weeks have seen much more. Ok as long as I am active, but whe idle, it will disconnect eventually.... So much for leaving a skimmer or whisper net going.

I also notice a little icon in the tray that is the OneDrive icon and it says OneDrive is trying to start up. There will often be as many as 8 or 10 of these little icons, but when I hover the mouse over them, they disappear .

I am having trouble with the Metro part of my Win 8.1 setup so I have been unable to access the OneDrive setup routine.

This is probably all related.
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Hello Ken-

For all reading this thread here is a nice summary of parameters to check when having issues with long term reliability with SmartSDR:,2-737-3.html

Hope this helps;

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Jon, nothing wrong with my router and I was/am not running CW Skimmer or SDR-Bridge. Although the first time it happened may have been on the same power on sequence that I was using CWS and SDRB. After the first time I did a cold boot. I am not runing Win8x either. Regardless, the radio is left in an unrecoverable state. This has nothing to do with .NET. Bringing up a fresh SSDR does not show a radio so it is not responding to the discovery logic.
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Well 4.5 is what I've been fighting sine I rebooted the machine Saturday morning.  That was the only thing that changed. Now after 6-7 System Restores
I've got everything working that I depend on. I was seeing SmartSDR freeze/crash,
SmartCat freeze/crash, FRStack wouldnt even open. I never got around to trying PowerSDR. according to the Windows Update History. I received the upgrade Friday overnight. And no other updates for 2-3 weeks. There were other programs behaving badly too. I ended up having to use a restore point from Jan 14, to get everything working, and yes Automatic Updates was supposed to have been turned off. And is again. I had been pretty much trouble free since Sept. It might have nothing to do with the upgrade, But I was getting errors from Windows that blamed You fix it your way, I fixed Win8.1 seems happy again. 

Jay - NO5J 
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I'd really like a minimum (0) of speculation as I don't want FRS to think misinterpret this as a bash SSDR session. I've had several inexplicable problems in the last week and I'd like FRS, be it Tim, Steve, or Eric or someone else in Engineering to weigh in on it.


Walt - kz1f
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So I often leave my radio running for days.  I generally will leave it on and running when I leave town and it's running when I get back a few days later.  However, I have seen some disconnects in the office when they "shouldn't" be happening -- in other words when I suspect the network doesn't have an issue. In v1.4 we've made some changes to the code to better detect when a disconnection occurs and clean up gracefully, but they shouldn't be happening.  We "ping" once per second to verify connection and if we are unable to see a ping for 15 seconds, we figure that there has been a loss of communications and we disconnect.  We're actually looking into this some more this week and may find something that is responsible as I don't suspect it is entirely network related.  Part of the issue is that it's been a rare thing which makes it difficult to isolate.
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on cord-cutting, I meant cable TV. So something like $1200/year in expenses removed.
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@$0.24 per KWH + Transmission Costes in SanDiego with 320 days a year of sun less 30% Federal Solar tax Credit less CA tax credits. You would think solar power makes sense. BUT the payback was still 6+ years. Far too long a return on investment especially since these things have a 10-15 year life.

On The Other Hand solar thermal. It costs me about $30 a day to heat my pool to 88Fwith Natural Gas A 650,000 BTU Solar thermal system cost me $5,000 in 2005 and about $2 per day to pump the hot water thru it. Or about a 6 month payback

Needless to says no brainer.
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Now just get rid of the TV all together and you'll feel liberated!
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My bill until recently was $40 at 22c/KW, now with even higher rates $60,
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Measured power consumption of rig and PC and found the following:

1.  Switch mode power supply with no load = 15w.  Switch on FLEX6300 and once it boots up consumption = 40w so agree with Steve's figure of 25w

2.  PC is a Dell optiplex 790 with i5 processor and nvidea gtx650.  Once booted but not running any programs = 47w.  With SSDR running 62w.  These figures do not include the two monitors.

Peter GM4WCE
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I had this and what I did was set my computer to DHCP and let things kinda reset, did a hard reset on the radio and after both rebooting the computer and radio I made sure it could see the radio. 
I then changed the Network back to my static address. 
So far after a couple weeks I haven't lost connection to the radio.
Not sure if this will work for everyone but it seems to have worked for me.

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I have disconnects from time to time (not very often) but have found it is much easier to reproduce it when I have all 8 panadapters loaded, make ssdr full screen (on 4k monitor), then close and reopen ssdr so that it tries to restore that state with full screen/8 panadapters.  When it starts to load all 8 panadapters at full screen, seems to be more work to do and sometimes in the middle of that it will just disconnect for no reason.  Seems to have something to do with the amount of work/traffic it has to do to set up the ssdr session at that resolution but I dunno.  *shrug*