Congrats on 1.5 Release

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Congrats to the Flex Team on the release of SSDR 1.5. Looks great so far!

Limited tests of the new WNB and ANF are magic.
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Posted 5 years ago

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Install worked perfect. Thanks FLEX Team keep up the great work and for an early Birthday Gift!
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EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

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Great surprise today!! Now I am up too late playing with the radio when I should be in bed getting some rest ahead of a work day tomorrow!!! Thank you Flex for making me less productive at work! :)
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Brian - W9HLQ

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Dittos ... 1.5 slipped into the Flex6500 with no trouble. Tnx fer making these updates so painless.   Now where is the QRN noise, so I can try the WNB blanker?   -Brian, W9HLQ-
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K6OZY, Elmer

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The WNB is targeting periodic types of noises such as ignition noise, power line noise, electric fence noise and other types of periodic impulse noises, not QRN from things such as lightning.  I just want to set expectations so you don't think it's not working as intended.
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Sergey, R5AU

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As usual: MAC 5K with Parallels, Win10 Pro Preview:

- installation - 1min

- radio upgrade - ~3min

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Simon Lewis

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installed on 6500 - Win 10 - working perfectly

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Same results here...  6500 + Win10 - installed flawlessly.
  removed Dax/Cat drivers to be on the safe side
  update FDV waveform
  installed DV  waveform /   ordered thumbdrive

Signed in the chat room last night. It was great to see Flex VP available answering questions as were some of the Elmers that had experience with the new features. Support level is outstanding.
FDX looks very interesting.

 Worked some DX on JT65

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Alex - DH2ID, Elmer

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- Installation worked without any problems here (Win7 64bit)
- Remote works, remote audio works
- Ordered Thumb DV
- Will try RTTY mode later this day
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Burt Fisher

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Should we uninstall previous version first including DAX CAT and FreeDV?
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Simon Lewis

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no need here ... just installed in parallel
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Dan -- KC4GO

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Burt from Tim's release info email: 
"NOTE: SmartSDR v1.5.0 supports updated waveform module functionality. A new version of FreeDV is required for SmartSDR v1.5.0.  If you had previously installed the FreeDV waveform, you must remove it from your radio and uninstall it from your PC after installing SmartSDR v1.5.  Then download and install the updated FreeDV waveform.  SmartSDR waveforms can downloaded from the Waveforms web page. " 

The Cat will be reinstalled as a new version as will DAX you can leave the DAX drivers if you wish. I remove (uninstalled older version of SmartSDR prior to the installation.
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James Kennedy-WU5E

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mercy 1.5 is operating very good all the waveforms work , did the WWV cal radio responded OK , made a couple QSO's last night and this morning all is good , Good Job Team Flex.
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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The manual is, by the way, an excellent resource for all things 6000. There is A LOT of great information in there.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Seriously, we put a lot of effort into the technical and operational documentation for this release. I highly recommend the sections in the SmartSDR Software User's Guide on Noise Mitigation and Full Duplex (FDX) Operation.
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Cal Spreitzer - N3CAL

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Update went well here!  Zero issues for my home system running Windows 10 64 bit.  I'm on a business trip so I did the update remotely.  Everything is working great from my hotel room!

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Steve W6SDM

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Not a hiccup at this end.  Did a clean install, as usual, and it went right in.  Now to play with the new gadgets.