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Trying to decide what Mic to get for the new 6400.  I have had good results with the Heil line for my Icoms, but kinda have been looking at the 781 and then the PR40.  Is the 40 that much better?
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Posted 1 year ago

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To quote from the film, Finding Forrester, "that isn't a soup question".

Microphones are like shoes; one size and style does not fit all (this applies to EQ settings too, but that is another conversation altogether...)

A microphone is an audio frequency transducer and will have unique characteristics reproducing the audio source material (in this case, your voice) fed into it.  Example, the PR40 has an excellent low-end frequency response.  This mic may sound good for a male voice and so-so for a female voice.

I have a PR40 and have used the PR781 extensively too.  Both are good quality mics.  I believe the PR40 reproduces my voice with a "warmer" coloring than the PR781.  I also use a Shure SM58 that is almost 40 years old (from a past life where I played rock-n-roll on weekends) that I use a lot.  They can be had for close to $100 and work really well.  From a value standpoint, it beats the PR40.

So you will get a lot of recommendations on mics.  All of them are good.  But, you'll need to find the one that fits you (hence the shoe analogy).
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What cables will I need to connect a PR40 to a Flex 6600M?  Thanks.
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Most mic cables available terminate in a 8-pin female Foster connector.

We are planning on making available a cable adapter that would consist of an 8-pin male Foster to a 1/8" TRS and RCA connector pigtail for interfacing the standard mic cables to the 6400.

For connecting a FLEX-6400 to the PR40, you will need to use the Heil CC1XLRY-BAL cable in conjunction with the cable adapter described above. Please contact Sales for information on price and availability for the cable adapter.

The FLEX-6600 has in addition to the 1/8" TRS pseudo-balanced mic input, a 1/4" TRS balanced audio input.  For connecting a FLEX-6600 to the PR40, you will need to use only one cable; a 1/4" TRS to XLR audio cable.  This is available from our online store today
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Neil D Friedman N3DF

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Thank you.  How would you recommend controlling PTT when using the 1/4" TRS to XLR cable?
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I like using this foot switch:
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I ordered 8 pin foster to 3.5mm /rca adaptor did work with my 6440  took it apart on foster side nothing connected too pin  2 of foster side which be + 5 what gives  TIM
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I spoke to Bob Heil who now resides in my area on this very issue and he told me, " The 781 was made for  our radios and will cover every spectrum of radio freq able to carry the best quality of voice, where the PR-40's were overkill for amateur radios use."

For the price difference alone the PR-781 was the best choice and the PR-40 best for stage use and is what he designed it for.   
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Also, remember that whatever you have can be shaped by the equalizer in the radio. The PR40 can be shaped for ESSB conversation without much correction.  For dx penetration you will want to choose a different set of parameters.

Also, you will get varying opinions on how it sounds to listeners.  The speakers in typical communication receivers are going to color what each listener actually hears.  People are going to disagree on how you sound because they really are hearing different audio.  I sometimes see signals with what I consider overly emphasized bass.  But maybe that's
what it takes to sound good out of a typical speaker with limited bass response.
The PR-40, as Tim said, has good low end response, better than most, but it also has fine response throughout the rest of the audio range.

Setting up microphones and audio (transmit *and* receive) is its own study.  You will find groups on the bands that specialize in just that.  The Flex is a great radio that produces great audio. I've been a cw guy.  But when I found out what I could do with an SDR-1000 and a PR-40, it opened up another dimension for my operating.  I'm still a cw guy, but when I do phone I know I'm doing well.  I'm sure others have good experiences with other microphones, and you would do fine with other high quality products and your Flex.

Have Fun,

Ned,  K1NJ
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Tim hit it right on regarding the PR-40 and the shoe analogy. As per the Sure SM58, yep it's a good and rugged stage mic which yes I use to play out too. Tried to use it in the shack but for me it was just too much highs and not enough in the low end and it picked up way too much background sound. Cat meows, cars driving by, even grasshoppers jumping by in the grass outside. Ok, I exaggerated the last one, but definitely crickets.
For me, the boom with a good studio mic like the PR-40 creates a totally different mindset, if I can explain.  Physiologically, I honestly feel more comfortable sitting in front on the PR-40 as compared to the SM58, like I'm talking to someone instead of singing to them. I know that sounds odd but maybe it has something to do with standing up to the SM58 on a mic stand and singing.
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I knew it! I heard a guy singing Boston's 'More than a Feeling' on 20-meters the other night! All makes sense now ...
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I have had very good audio performance using my Neumann U67 mic with my 6700. I snagged my U67 off eBay for a really great price. It's a lot of fun experimenting with different mics, and external outboard preamps.

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@Larry: You have a Neumann U67 for use with your ham radio? Not a conversion? Well, I applaud you... That’s terrific! Just plain fun.

I am always enthused and amused when folks get into their audio chain to this extent. Nobody truly needs a Neumann for their radio... but who wouldn’t want one? Especially a legendary mic like the U67! As you said, playing and mixing and matching can be a lot of fun. Mixing and matching with a U67 is a bit beyond my personal fun budget, but I certainly appreciate the approach. Bravo, and thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear you on the air sometime.