Configuring the W5JT-X software for rig control with the flex 6700

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Hi All

This is such a helpful group and I do not know what I would do without the support!

I am trying to configure the WSJT-X software (ver 1.6.0) for rig control with SDR 1.5.1 and Cat 1.5.1 with the Flex 6700.  I am trying desperately to understand the COM ports and CAT ports setup but an failing; I just cannot get my head around these ports and how to configure them correctly?  I have setup JT65-HF and this works fine with the flex as its using HRD to control the rig?

On another note.....Does anyone know if there is a suitable download location for FLDIGI with a version that works with the Flex SDR1.5.1 and Windows 10, 64bit?  I want to try this software but I am apprehensive as I have read many problems.

Since purchasing the Flex 6700 I am discovering digital mode for the first time!  Any suggestions would be moist welcomed?

Thanks, Nick, M0NAG

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Nick -- it takes a slight brain twist, but is actually simple once you get the hang of it.

Use Kenwood TS-2000 emulation in WSJT-X. Yes, you will see Flex 6xxx listed, but it doesn't work. Think that's a "work in progress" with the Hamlib team.

Create a virtual serial port pair for EVERY application needing CAT services. SmartCAT will look at all of them and send your commands to the Flex. Use the lower numbered port in your software when configuring the application.

In WSJT-X, you'll need to then hit the "Test CAT" button, which should then turn green, and you're off to the races.

FLDIGI is available at Sourceforge (Link on the W1HKJ homepage). Works just fine. Start off using the Kenwood TS2000 emulation. As you gain familiarity, you can download the Flex-specific .xml files for FLDIGI that make operation even better. The files were created my our resident maestro, Tim, W4TME.

Good luck! Welcome aboard....


PS - SmartSDR v1.6 is due out soon with some changes to CAT and DAX. Setup may be easier then, but I suspect that your successful v1.5 configuration will migrate to the new version. [Note to readers: I am not a developer or alpha team member - suspicions do not equal hints.]
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I just removed my post from the other thread, and I'm reposting it here. you might be able to remove that thread now that I removed my reply in it. Worth a try at least.

The best guide to setting up WSJTX for use with SmartSDR is at ... 

It should help you get started.

The current Windows release of Fldigi can be downloaded from Sourceforge at ...

Nothing to be scared of there. 
Here's a link to a Fldigi article on the Zendesk ...

And also a Video ...

Ask here, for whatever help you need to be able to wrap your head around SmartCat and Virtual Comports, there will be new documentation rolling out soon, the 1.6 release will probably drop any day now. So it's a bit of a moving target at the moment.

73, Jay - NO5J
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Hi All, thanks so much for all the help!  I have now tried to configure the WSJTX software for rig control but its still not working.  I am not sure if I am using the correct Com port pairs.

I have the following pairs on my radio

Com4 for HRD, Com 14 CAT, Com 5 Unknown (or digital master 780 when in use), Com15 Cat. 

COM5-15 is a (ptt dtr/rts) pair is this correct?

I have selected the Kenwood TS-2000 emulation in WSJT-X.  But what port do I connect it to?  Baud rate 9600?

On the RHS box in the  Radio tab, ptt method (WSJT-X software) , what CAT port should I use from the above?  Or should I create another pair and if so what type of pair do I create?

Thanks again, Nick, M0NAG