Configure a K3S to be comparable to a 6400?

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I was wondering what would it cost to build an Elecraft K3S to have pretty much the same capabilities as a Flex-6400? I know that this is an apples vs pineapples comparison as they are both kind of aimed at different operating styles. The K3S can be easily operated portable, the 6400 not so much. When I configured one it came out well north of $6K.  So what would one have to order to make a K3S roughly comparable to 6400? You have to scroll down and click on Price List/Order on the right to come up with the items that you can order.

BTW this is just a thought experiment. I am not looking at buying anything as I am very happy with my 6400. I really love the ease of using my 6400 with a laptop in my living room. Getting out of my basement hamshack dungeon is sweet!

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Posted 12 months ago

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Elecraft makes good stuff but for what they cost you can get a 6700. They are so small you have to ware reading glasses to see how to use one and on top of that they are ugly !

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I am wondering how their new KPA1500 SS Amp is working out on the market and how dependable it might be
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You have a point about so small you have to wear reading glasses to see how to use one. 
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I've been running a KPA1500 with my 6600M since last November.  No issues.  Some report noisy fans with exhaust coming out the front.  Not an issue for me due to the physical arrangement of my equipment and the fact I wear headphones 90% of the time.
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Your pricing sounds about right... you can spend a lot of money on filters,etc to make them usable in contests.

I have used K3S in Contests.. workflow and performance are great..

1.  Don't ever make the mistake of pushing a button too long - in which case, you get stuck in the very confusing menu systems trying to get back to where you were.

2.  Unlike the Flex, it is really difficult for a first time user to work them as there are so many hidden levels of menus... so you need to train the Newbies well before you let them contest.