comon...someone must knowwhat I'm doing wrong and can't transmit split???

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I've done it before, but can't transmit up now.
Slice B had Red X
dax control panel shows slice B with red X

it isn't a big spread, just 2.2kkc
But I don't see any xmission indication on DAX Control Panel or flex screen.
the slice B shows I am up 2 (7.089.845)

BTW" using WinWarbler and I know it worked before.

this worked b4...but I'm missing something now.

pse, just tell me how you do it!
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  • like a lid not able to transmit up!

Posted 4 years ago

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I find it easier on digital to use the RIT or XIT buttons to do this function. But if you want to do it the other way make sure the red TX is lit up on the transmit for the Dax channel you selected and that the transmit field in warbler is pointed at the right Dax channel as well.

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Do you have VOX enabled?
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Is the DAX channel on your slice flag set to the same channel that the DAX control panel TX is on ?


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I don't know which version of SSDR you are running (I'm on ver 1.3.0), and you may have already tried this. But I have trouble transmitting occasionally where the only solutions are a factory reset, and if that doesn't fix it, then a complete reinstall of SSDR. This may be one of those occasions for you.

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You will also need to make sure that your RX audio input and TX audio output DAX channels are correctly set in your DIGI program.  if you are using two slices, you can't have them BOTH on the same DAX channel.  You will need the RX channel slice on one DAX line and the TX channel slice on another DAX channel.      Personally, for Digital modes, I just use the XIT to shift my TX frequency UP when running split.
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Ken I appreciate your help but you may have missed my messages where I said. I've done this many times in the past and I know how to create a new slice for the split.
I know how to enable the new slice and I know that I must enable the Red X in both the new slice and the new Audio Stream (slice B)
Regardless of how many times I've tried, I can not transmit on Slice B
No matter how Red the X is in Slice B,
No matter how Red the x is in Dax Control panel Audio Stream #2, it will only transmit in Audio Stream #1

I'm afraid that I may have to go the uninstall and reinstall route.
Even though AA6YQ usually says that rarely fixes anything and may make it worse.

I know others have made the suggestion that going 'Split' should be automatic and we should not have to waste time jumping through these hoops.

Actually if you had a Flex5K it was much easier, and one click split.

So off to uninstall and hopefully not loose my cw and JT ability....
Doubt it will help but I'm at the end of everything I can think of.
But thanks for the suggestions...
BTW: Many time RIT won't work, as it's too big a split.
I do digital an cw dxing...some pileups can get pretty wide.
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Good luck with that venture. As Ken and I both said make sure your Dax channel is correct on both the recieve slice and the transmit slice. They will be different.

Them not being set correctly will give the response your describing.

As for RIT and XIT they can go up to 10 on the spilt do it will handle most any split. The panadapters on you decoding programs are generally only 3 or 4 wide so well with in the limits of XIT

Good Luck and Merry Christmas

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BEFORE you uninstall anything make sure you take screen shots of all your setting and save those screen shots so you will have a reference as to what those settings were when you reinstalled things..