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Why is it that when someone asks a question that FRS might not like, the posting gets closed to comment?

For example a German Ham asked about the Fee payable for the new Software release and it was simply closed.

There are many of us that feel a little hard done by and would like to say so.



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Posted 2 years ago

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Official Response
Having been around since the Flex community only had an email reflector, I have seen what happens when threads that have the potential for heated argument get out of hand.  Comments get personally insulting, whether they're actually meant to or not, and before you know it the forum turns into a full-fledged flame war.

Since this forum is about Flex radio related discussion, there really isn't a place intellectual battle.  I believe that the moderator has seen enough of this to know when it's time to pull the plug on a thread.

Personally, I would rather have that happen than wade through a bunch of arguments and personal assaults on the forum.  And since Flex does provide this to us free of charge, they do have the authority to make the rules.
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Official Response

With all due respect, you will not have to pay for v1.11 when it comes out to get the performance enhancements you mentioned.

Further, "multi client" has never at any point in time been promised by FlexRadio to be included in version 1 of SmartSDR.  This has always been stated as a feature that will come in the future after version 2.0 without a specific date attached.  We have now delivered all of the publicly promised features on the roadmap for v1.x through the initial release of v2.0 and have added a very large number of features that were never promised.  

As we have stated on the community many times in the last few weeks, v1.11 will come after we have sufficient test time on v2.0.17.  V1.11 will be a back port of v2.0 with bug fixes and performance enhancements included.  You won't be able to tell the difference in the performance enhancements unless you have the lab equipment to test.

Version 2 has been discussed over an over for at least three years here on the community so there is nothing new to say on the subject.

The only open public promises I am aware of at this time to be delivered are v1.11 maintenance release and multi client operation.   We will not provide a date for either until they are ready to ship.

Finally, we hate the cost and hassle of dealing with VAT worse than you hate paying for it.  ;>)