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I have one computer that I no longer use SSDR on. My club bought an Icom 7610, and their lame driver installer claims I already installed the driver (I did, but the com ports I'm supposed to see do not show up) and said lame driver allows no uninstall.  But in trying to troubleshoot the issue, the Flex com ports keep showing up every time I reboot. So I would really like to get them off the computer. SSDR is no longer there, but unfortunately the uninstall of SSDR was done without using Revo. And uninstalling the drivers only gets rid of them until the next boot.

Anyone else have an issue with persistent drivers reinstalling??
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  • Windows being Windows

Posted 2 years ago

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Reinstall SmartSDR CAT (or all of SmartSDR if you cannot install just CAT). When the CAT window is open, delete the ports. Then RIGHT-CLICK the Remove button and click the Reset button that appears. Your ports should now be gone, and should stay gone.
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That's what I was figuring I'd do.  A pity this wonderful radio is fit with such a brittle Operating system.  I bought a Windows computer to use SSDR (dogpark wasn't out yet) And if I had to stake my life on it working, I'd boot to DogPark. 
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There is a Silicon Laboratories Driver removal in my add remove programs of windows for the Icom.  I had no issues with the Icom driver installation. 
Paul -W4PGM
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Did you follow the removal procedure on the HelpDesk site?

You will have to remove FlexVSP   and then reboot to remove it ..  You may have to go to Device Manager of Windows and remove any ghosted ports as these will prevent you from assigning those ports for anything else..

This should clear your system of previous ports..  

You have to be aware of what you are downloading to your system,  there are lots of sites that will mislead you ,    Google, Bing, Yahoo , ....    These are the things that will confuse and  consume your computer.

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Hi Dudley - I'll be checking on it this afternoon. I'm pretty certain that FlexVSP has been Revo'ed, but perhaps not.
Note that there are no hidden or ghosted ports, but that the Flex com ports keep showing up even after deletion. After rebooting, there they are again. So it could hopefully be pilot error.  Now is this the problem keeping the Icom virtual com ports from showing up, but not allowing me to delete them? I dunno, but since that computer won't be used to run SSDR any more, I want them gone.