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I've had my 6700 for about 2 years now and just love this radio.  When I first got the new SDR, I went over to a local hardware store and purchased a thin sheet of filter foam that was designed for an indoor air filter system.  I cut a couple small rectangles for the sides of the 6700, one for my KPA500 and a couple more for other radios.   Every once in a while I wash out the foam, dry it out, and put it back in place.  So far, I believe it has been working quite well.  The foam is very porous and doesn't present much of an air restriction.  It seems to catch a lot of dust, but since its so porous, I'm sure a lot of the smaller stuff is getting right though.

I've never had my 6700 opened up and I'd really like to see if it is staying fairly clean inside.  Maybe use some caned air to blow it out if need be.  While mine is getting a bit older, others might be asking.  Can we open up our radios and blow out the dust without voiding the warranty?  Are there any recommendations on how to keep the dust out or how to clean out any dust that has gotten in?
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Posted 4 years ago

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They sell a user installable Tuner ....... and they have instructions.

One would assume.....

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I think our warranties will survive if we open the case. Flexradio has published warranty terms, and instructions, with pictures, explaining how we can do it.

Carefully blowing out the dust shouldn't be a problem.

Rinsing it out with a fire hose, or running it thru a dishwasher cycle,  
should probably be avoided, and likely will void our warranties should the
repair techs notice any water dripping out. 

Sucking parts off the circuit boards with a ShopVac would probably be seen as an unapproved user modification, so also not a good idea.

Never hurts to either call or email them first ...

They might actually expect to find some dust inside the ones that go back for warranty repair anyway. 

73, Jay - NO5J
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Part of the fun of having the Flex is to take the covers off and admire the beautiful stuff inside!  There is a small shielded area (the computing parts) that has a sticker warning you not to open.  The warranty expires after 2 years, so you can even open that magic shield if you like. (But maybe you shouldn't!)
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I do not have any specific recommendations for keeping dust out other than restricting air flow will shorten the lifespan of the radio so be very careful not to do it, but I do have one "must follow" recommendation for cleaning the inside using compressed air.

There are two small cooling fan attached heatsinks inside of the RF shield.  These can collect dust and if you need to clean them, make sure you take a small non-metallic rod (I use a toothpick) and insert it between the blades of the fan to prevent it from turning when you blow out the dust with compressed air.  Do the same for the chassis fans too.  This prevents bearing damage that can occur if the compressed air stream over spins the fans.
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I read somewhere just a while ago that they are T8...I guess i will have to buy a small set with both sizes. I'll post what I find out.  
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I’m pretty sure they are T8.

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T8 on my 6400. Just blew the dust out on it's first anniversary. Most dust was on the HUGE fan. Thinking about foam air filters but looks like I don't need them.
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They use T-8
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Using any type of fan filter will reduce airflow intake. It is not recommended to impede the airflow with filters.  A once a year cleaning could be sufficient. 

I recommend reading this HelpDesk article for the proper fan cleaning procedure: How to properly clean the FLEX-6000 Cooling fans
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I used to fix computers. I loved it when  people "cleaned" them out, they invariably dislodged a board, memory or the airborne dust created a static charge thus needing a repair.