Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop Antenna

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I am seriously thinking of purchasing a ‘Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop Antenna’ 6.6 to 29.8MHz.

Has anyone experience of using this antenna with a Flex-6500/Maestro.

Can anyone help? Any comments good or bad will be appreciated. 

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Andrew Rose

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Posted 4 years ago

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David G4NRT / Z21NRT

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I'm doing the same! I've got one on order here in the UK. I've heard nothing but good things about them. I also have the 6500 and Maestro.

David G4NRT
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K3ZJ - Dave

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Brent Parker

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I've look at the "baby" and seriously considered it. I run a MFJ 1788 (40-15) Mag Loop, and it works well, off of a condo balcony about 75'. The drawback is the controller is manual. The "baby" with its controller looks like it can be integrated into an automatic station. I'd love to hear of that process, as I'm still very much considering it.

Brent W8XG

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What is the effect on the usability of the panadapter with such a Hi-Q antenna?
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David G4NRT / Z21NRT

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Actually, that's a very good question John! I hadn't thought of that. I may need to re-think my strategy or add an additional Rx antenna as Andrew has.

David G4NRT
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Andrew Rose

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 Additional information on my set up:

The Flex-6500 has a separate Rx port to which I have connected a “Wellbrook active magnetic poop” which is very sensitive and requires no tuning and covers all bands up to 10  meters.  The “Baby loop” would only be used for Tx.

Andrew - G4AUE

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Dan -- KC4GO

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 MFJ 1788  tuned to 7.191. Even though you can transmit up to 100 watts mine is connected to     RX-A on my 6500. It's my go to antenna for noisy conditions.
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Mark K9BOO

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Hi Andrew,

Like another poster, I also have an MFJ-1788 mag loop.  It has been pivotal in allowing me to get on the air due to QTH limitations and electrical noise challenges.

Yes, the bandwidth is very narrow:  I must re-tune any time I change frequencies (even on the same band).  But, the antenna size allows me to be on the air. 

Because the manual antenna tuning is a pain, I'm keenly interested in how the Mazzoni tuning controller would integrate with the Flex-6xxx for fully automated(?) tuning (i.e. no operator manual antenna tuning entries).

I would be grateful, Andrew, if you wouldn't mind updating this thread if/when you get Mazzoni antenna to let us know about fully automated(?) tuning and how the integration for Flex-6xxx tranceivers is accomplished.

In the meantime, all the best to you with your decision.

Mark K9B))
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Mark K9BOO

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K9BOO  <lol>
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Andrew Rose

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 This particular thread is probably slowing down, so before it stops, let me ask you all:-  If anyone acquires a Baby-Loop or hears of one being used with a Flex-6XXX then please, please, please reactivate or start a new thread and let us know some facts.
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Alex - DH2ID, Elmer

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I don't own one but I've tried one at our local dealer.

The best thing about this antenna is it's very narrow bandwidth, which
makes the antenna act like a preselector and makes it very quiet.
That is however a major problem if you want to use a SDR and need a
a minimum bandwidth to watch a whole band segment.

What I use in my shack is a Grahn GS5-SE/ML-3 active loop antenna
for NAVTEX reception on the vlf/lf bands. Here the preselection is a big
asset as I have no problems receiving very weak signals while transmitting
on HF only a few feet away.

I am quite restriced in my antennas, living in a condo on the 4th floor
and having a balcony here at Karlsruhe.

I use a Diamond BB-6W endfed long wire antenna for the 80 to 6m bands
and an ECO frame antenna for the 40 to 10 m bands. These antennas
have a big bandwidth and I work the whole world from here using 10 watts
max output from my Flex6k5. In digtal modes only, though.

73, Alex - DH2ID
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butch alline

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Most mag loops typically have a useful frequency range of 3:1.
This antenna advertises a 4.5:1 range which makes me suspicious.
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The range is usually restricted by the min capacitance of the cap used. I'm sure the antenna will make the full range as it's been out for several years without any adverse comments.

Personally with the propagation conditions we have now I'd go for the "Midi" model 3.5-14.5Mhz. See the manual for specs --

There is about $200 difference between the two antennae and I think one gets more for their money in the Midi model.

Problem here in NA is that the freight charges are a killer costing almost as much as the antenna.

This is a good antenna being used in many commercial applications.

I'd get one if it weren't for the freight costs.

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Lee Maisel

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My god!!!  it must be one hell of an
antenna for that price!!!  is the loop gold plated?   holy cow!

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