Changes Noted in SSDR 1.19.9 and 1.9.13

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I've noticed since release 1.9.9 that each time I start SSDR, I must readjust (move up or down) the DEXP slider to eliminate background noise.  In the past,  I could set it to 70+ and background noise would be cut and my voice would pop through the gate.  Now, I must move the slider for the noise gate to kick in. 

I've also noted that since 1.9.9, RF output is 10 - 15 % higher.  Formerly. with RF out set to 75 watts, my RF Applications digital watt meter would read 62 watts.  Now it reads 84.  Formerly, max output was 96 to 100.  Now I get 113 consistently from band to band.  My dummy load hasn't changed :-).

Equipment here is a Flex 6300, I7 Windows 10 PC that is connected to my router, along with the radio.  Any ideas?

Any ideas?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I'm interested in what power supply you use.  My wattage is lower.  I just ran a test using my digital wattmeter and dummy load.  My readings were from a low of 77.7 watts on 10 meters to a high of 98.1 watts on 30 meters, the rest in between.  Flex 6300, power supply voltage = 14.05 volts
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The power supply I am using is the Jetstream JTPS31M.  MFJ sells a similar one.  I believe they are made in China by QJE.  To compensate for the slightly below spec power output,  I had experimented with setting the voltage slightly higher, like 14 to compensate for possible voltage drop through the factory supplied cable and/or the Anderson power poles (which I cleaned with De-Oxit).  Since a few watts one way or the other makes no measurable difference, I just decided to live with it.  Now I have to adjust my default drive level for the amplifier down a notch or two.

Good luck!
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I've noticed the power increase as well. Once I upgraded to 1.19.9 that I was over driving my amp. It took me a while to figure out that the radio was putting out more power at the same setting and I needed to adjust my auto drive settings in DDutil.

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Last night on 40 with my usual group one of them said I sounded different and not as full bodied. Could be the upgrade reset my mic settings.
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No such luck on the power increase with my upgrade. The radio still only does about eighty five or less on most bands. It does close to one hundred when I first turn the radio on, but after a couple minutes with power on, that's what it settles to. Even with a short eight gage power cord on a seventy amp Astron.