Cannt seem to get my lp-100a station monitor to work with my 6500

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If connected my lp-100a to my flex 6500,shows power out ok but gives alarm for swr , the flex shows 1-1 swr,tried changing Pitt/key/send out,all to no avail,has anyone got any ideas.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Tony,  I've used the LP-100a for several  years without issue -- after getting it properly set up.  My only suggestion is to check the User Setting in the Setup/CAL mode as described in the Manual.  I have also had very cordial conversations with Larry Phipps about a couple details.  He was always helpful and got me over a hurdle or two.  Good luck.
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What is the LP100a showing for the SWR? The alarm threshold is user configurable and maybe it is just set too low.

I also have one and it has no issues. In fact, it is a very nice meter.


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Do you have the I/O reversed or somehow have switched the sense coaxs between the coupler and watt-meter?  I have 2 of these and mine have been bullet proof.

73 W9OY
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Are you using the internal tuner on the Flex? If so, then the wattmeter will NOT show the correct SWR that the transmitter is seeing. The meter needs to be between the transmitter output and tuner input. You cannot put an external meter between the PA and internal tuner.

Dave wo2x

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Correct. SWR bridges that are placed between the antenna and the tuner will never properly read the matched SWR.

They can also read power output incorrectly because they will also read the reflected power that is being "returned" to the antenna for another trip. (Not exactly technically accurate, but put in laymen's terms for simplification.)

I have seen guys baffled because their meter was registering 150 watts from a 100 watt rig and couldn't figure out where the extra power was coming from. It didn't really exist, but the Standing waves were being registered at a place in the line where they were reinforcing each other.
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Hows it set up?  Flex Ant out to meter to antenna?  if so Dave is correct.. SWR will not be correct and you will have to set the alarm threshold very high...  My setup is this... FLEX (tuner bypassed) to KPA500 (amp) to LP-100A to KAT500 (antenna tuner) to Antenna.. this way I see the SWR as well as the power from the amp... works well