Can FLEX solve the interface issues with Logging and Digital signal interface issues?

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I love my 6500 running basic audio and not digital connections . I don't use my Ham radio often but when I do, I want to be able to use it. Today, uploaded  WSJT and LOG40m.  It was a painful and long duration process. I spent many hours just messing around to get things to work. I am a degreed engineer. My background is not software but that shouldn't matter. Your customers are from all walks of life. What a mess. Can FLEX set up a way to just tell users that don't spend all day in front of our radio to set up interfaces? Can you pick the top 5 logging and digital programs to educate the user on settings? 
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It's exactly this idea that got me started writing Slice Master.  I dont like to watch how-to video and wouldnt know where to start if I wanted to make one.  I hate writing documentation too.  So what's a bored software engineer to do to help with this problem?  A central goal behind the development of Slice Master is to make it the glue that sticks other third party programs together with the Flex.

Once you get over the idea if installing yet another third party program, it's all pretty seamless.  Slice Master knows how to configure and launch the likes DM780, CW Skimmer, GRITTY, fldigi, and WSJT-X. Slice Master will set up the entire configuration for each of these programs so they can be run on one or even all of your slices simultaneously.

The recent attention Slice Master has been getting is due to it's ability to get spots into the radio via the Flex API.  Making this happen involves integration at various levels with N1MM+, Logger32, HRD Logbook, and DXLab's Spot Collector.  Log4OM is still on the to-do list.

Sure there are a few more digimode programs out there that could use some attention, and even more support could be added to the ones that are already supported.  But Slice Master has come a long way in a few short months and I'm not yet willing to declare it "feature complete".

Now some folks actually enjoy the challenge of getting random pieces of software to work with their radios.  Slice Master might not be for them.  It takes most of the fun out of it.  But if you just want to jump back and forth between CW Skimmer and WSJT-X or use them both while enjoying a ragchew on phone... you might give it a try.

Do I have any volunteers to make a how-to video?
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First you have to find someone interested in writing the How-to, then you need more people to constantly work on keeping the How-To's fresh. Many of us want this. but very, very, few want to work to make it happen, everyone thinks it sounds like a great idea. Nobody has any interest in making it happen. I tried, I still have the Wiki running, but it became a solitary effort very quickly. That's the reality folks.

I'd still like to make the idea work, Any Fresh Volunteers?? The website is in bad need of a refresh. But, like everyone else, I have other projects.  

Was as far as, we ever got.

BTW, I really appreciate the effort Bill - VA3WTB put into making SDRgadgets happen. There were a few others, you can find out who by reading the wiki articles. 

User created, user documentation, requires users, or it just won't happen.

Volunteers are welcome, everybody's invited.

It was never intended to be a personal website.

Want to discuss it further, see me in the IRC channel.

I'm all for the idea!

#FlexRadio IRC chat

   73, Jay - NO5J