can any one advise on the benfits of upgrading for 6300 to 6500 please

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Official Response
6300 Vs 6500:
From the spec sheets

Rcv sampling ADC is 2x faster on 6500.
     This should translate to reduced noise due to more samples
     being averaged. Sqrt N where N is 2 in this case so that's 1.414.
     I am not 100% sure on that as it is dependent on the implementation.

Rcv preamp / Atten
   6500 has -10 dB attenuator
   6300 has preamp only (or no pre-amp)

Image reject
   20 dB better on the 6500

BandPass Filters
  Filters for the amateur bands in 6500. If a slice is tuned out of band, these are turned off.

  4x faster on 6500!
  Not sure what that buys one but the difference is to significant to ignore.
  Harmonics in 6500 are 10 dB better suppressed but both are excellent.

Master Clock Phase Noise
  7dB quieter on the 6500. Xmt / Rcv signals cleaner / less noise.

Both have internal TCXO but the 6500 is upgradeable to internal GPS.

I went with the 6500 due to the image rejection and bandpass filters. With the current antenna setup the BPFs didn't seem to be required. Someday the antenna will be improved.

Four slices are handy if you want to monitor some digital modes while listening to another band and also checking 10 or 15 meters for openings, for example. I've left the 4 slices listening to PSK and JT65 modes on several bands and "the radio" achieves DxCC in about a week, as it were.

In looking at the specs sheets closely, it's really jaw dropping performance from either but especially the 6500.

Hope this is helpful.

With Regards,

Tim / k3Tim