BSoD caused by Microsoft Update?

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I know from the posts that some of us have encountered the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" on Win 7 computers. I also use Win 7 Home Premium with my 6300 and have encountered the BSoD on occasion. After many days without a problem operating my radio, I suddenly had 2 BSoD's during the day spaced about 2 hours apart.
I simply accepted the fact that this happens and continued on. However, at the end of the day when I shut down, I noticed I had received an update from Windows. It was a large one consisting of 22 files. All but one were for Microsoft Office. (Which I have on my computer). I allowed the computer to install the files and then the computer shut down.

  I also have other software that updates but I have them turned off.  

My question is: Has anyone else noticed when they get a BSoD, they also got an update from Microsoft?  I guess I'm looking for a connection between the BSoD and the update.     
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Posted 4 years ago

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I can't ever remember a BSOD that I could attribute to an update. At least in recent years. Most of the problems I have seen have been a result of buggy software, malware and viruses. I think since about the time of Vista SP1 Microsoft has done a very good job managing their OS.

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I agree.  I can create a BSOD by flooding an RS232 port on a Prolific RS232 USB adapter, but that was in my commercial world.

BSODs are for the most part, hardware related.  If you are getting them, you need to look under the covers of the machine itself.  

Could it be that a Microsoft update hit right against some sort of RS232-USB adapter?  

Mike va3mw
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a blue screen of death is a program exception in ring can be caused by a driver as much of the driver is running in ring 0. The interrupt handler is running in ring 0. it can also be caused indirectly by say a virus that causes the actual exception to occur in ring 0.if it just started to happen run a virus scan.
Walt - kz1f
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Instead of guessing and chasing ones tail... take a stab at debugging and decoding the dump file that is created when a BSOD occurs.  

The Man Himself, THE Fellow at Microsoft - Mark Russinovich explains how....

In my experience I have found that 99% of the time issues are due to badly coded 3rd party drivers and services and not MS code.   And the other 1% due to badly seated ram.

And here is a nice little tool for browsing those dump files...

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Thanks to all who replied. Good suggestions. I have (I think) found a solution to the BSoD problem. In addition, problems with CAT and DAX. In my investigation, I happened across a gamers website.
The gamers were complaining about the BSoD on their machines and they were all using ASUS motherboards. On a whim I checked my computer and found I was using the ASUS board with a quad processor.

  I replaced the computer with my test and backup that uses a motherboard by Gigabyte (GA-G97X-UD5H). It has an Intel i3-4150, 3.5 GHZ, 3MB Cache, LGA1150 Dual Core processor in an oversize box with large quiet fans.    

  I have been using this computer with my 6300 for 2 weeks now and so far, (fingers crossed) no BSoD or problems with CAT or DAX. At the moment everything is stable and working as it should.

  Only time will tell.

Happy Holidays to all, 73

Roy - W5TKZ 
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What was your video card in the computer you got the BSOD? I can assure you some cards will not run smart sdr without building up to the BSOD. My issue was a R7 260x terrible card.
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The video is on the motherboard. It uses the on board Adapter, "Intel HD Graphics 4600" and I run 2 monitors.
I also use 2 expansion slots. One for serial and one for IEEE 1464 (firewire).  Neither used with 6300.