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Has anyone used the Bose A20 headset with the Flex.  It is available with either Electret or Dynamic mic.  You can get both and swap them back and forth. I am not sure what hoops are needed on the connector side to get from the bose the radio.
 I have spent a ton on different headsets and not satisfied with any. Heil Pro set like wearing a pair of bricks on your ears.  The Radiosport just pinch my head too much. At this point money is no object.  I just want the best that will work. I have the best radio why not the best accessory.   I can use my old bose QC15 for 8 to hours and I forget that I've even got them on. 

Bose spec
Technical Information
38 - English
Damage could occur to avionics equipment that is
intended for use only with 600 Ohm headsets. If in doubt,
consult the avionics equipment manufacturer.
Monaural mode: 160 Ohms ON and OF
Stereo mode: 320 Ohms ON and OFF
Frequency response
15 Hz to 15 kHz
Sensitivity: 92 dB SPL typical, measured at 1 mw,
1 kHz, full volume on a KEMAR ear simulator.
Microphone (Electret)
Bias required: 8 to 16 VDC through 220 to 2200 Ohms.
Sensitivity: Varies depending on bias and AC radio input
impedance. Typical output is 600 mV at 114 dB SPL. To
assure proper modulation of the radio, it is recommended
that an avionics technician adjusts its input to match the
output of the microphone.
Microphone (Dynamic) Impedance: 5 Ohm or 150 Ohm dynamic mic
Sensitivity: Equivalent to M-87/M-101
Maximum ambient noise level 115 dBC SPL for full active noise reduction performance
Power source
Battery-powered: Two (2) AA alkaline
Aircraft-powered: 10 to 32 VDC
Battery-powered: Two (2) AA alkaline batteries
Aircraft-powered: 10 to 32 VDC
Battery life
Alkaline battery life: At least 45 hours in typical general
aviation aircraft noise. Duration varies with battery age,
ambient noise levels, temperature, ear cushion seal, and
use of the
Operating: 25 mA in typical aircraft noise
Fuse/breaker recommended 1/4 amp, fast-blow fuse (AGC 1/4 amp fuse) or 1/2 amp
circuit breaker
Headset weight
12 ounces
Headset size range
Slider not extended:
8.425" (214mm) H x 6.34" (161mm) W x 3.15" (80mm) D
Slider extended:
10.2" (259mm) H x 6.6" (168mm) W x 3.15" (80mm) D
Control module dimensions 1.5" (38.1mm) H x 1.5" (38.1mm) W x 4.92" (125mm) D
Temperature and Altitude
(Category A)
Operating: 5 to 131°F (-15 to 55°C)
Storage: -67 to 158°F (-55 to 70°C)
Altitude: 15,000 feet maximum pressure altitude for full
wireless technol

Thanks Roger
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Posted 4 years ago

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Too pricey for me. Over a $1000.00
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Another good Bose option is QC25 (or older QC15) with added ModMic 4.0,
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I use the Bose X Aviation Headset.  I have several for use in airplanes and helicopters so it was a natural to build an interface for use with my ham rigs.  

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I dont see any easy way to attach the boom to the head set  the electrical connection is straight forward.

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I see you can get it with all kinds of connections. 
standard dual pin
standard 5 pin xlr
6 pin lemo

Would one be easier to interface than another?  Are you using dynamic or Electret

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I thought Bose provided an accessory for this but am not certain now. You would need this and yes it is straight forward. A ham in South Africa wrote a positive review for this product but I would not be so sure. I am almost certain some co workers have adapted their QC with a bose mic. Perhaps the product has been discontinued to boost A20 sales.
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I do not use that accessory. Just the QC headphones.
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I bought a set.  The receive audio is unbelievably good but I cannot get any decent transmit audio.  With 20db boost on it still takes a mic gain of about 80 to get anything out of the radio and the output is not even.  One syllable will way over drive and everything else is barely audible. This was verified by recording into Audicity.  For the mic side there is only mic hi,  mic low and ground.  So not much to wire wrong.  I did swap mic hi and low just to make sure. 

If you could combine the radio sport mic and the A20 headset we would have a perfect world.

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I don't work much SSB and have no need for a headset, but I use the Bose QC15 headphones and absolutely love them.
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The ModMic boom mic attaches easily to any set of headphones.  It comes with a couple of adhesive backed magnetic couplers and you can buy additonal couplers so you can move the boom mic to any/all your headphones if desired.
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I have an a20 for flying but use a Heil for my radio stuff. No reason to have that big heavy thing. And there is no point in spending that kind of money for a headset specialized for such a different application imho. Including how different aircraft Mikes are set up over what "normal" stuff is.