Blown Away by 6600 by K3 & 7610 Owner

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I have had a K3 for close to 9 years, got 7610 6 mo ago and was so impressed I bought a 6600. And the 6600 has impressed me even more!!!! I am mostly a contester and dxer.

I am a computer guy and thought it would take a while getting 6600 going but had it working with DXLab and WJST-X in 45 minutes! First  FT-8 contact was -24 with a high end sound card.                 

The SmartSDR software/command structure is very intuitive, much better than the K3 and the 7610. They are all fine radios but DAX digital audio makes everything so much easier. And there
are so many other programs to hook up to the audio streams.

And with a 4K 35"monitor and a fast PC, the panadapters are truly spectacular.

I have had a lot of rigs in 62 years of hamming and this is by far the best. Now trying to justify a 6700!

Roger N3RC Sebastopol, CA.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Roger - Roger,

Glad to hear it. It takes a little getting use to (very little actually), but I keep thinking how it might be impossible to ever go back........! Good luck !

Jim, WQ2H
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Hi Rodger,

  I am a 6700 and a 6300-(My TravelRig) and I m out on Green Vally Road.  Where in Sebastopol are you?  Arec you RedDX?
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Welcome to the Family!

Lou N2TU
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My friends ask , how can you hear so well. I credit FLEX Radio (6600) 80% and quiet country living 20%. Jim WU5E
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I have a 280 foot, mostly horizontal loop that is probably 35 feet off the ground, maybe 50 at one point.

I regularly hear things my cross town neighbor with a similar but much more vertical 280 foot loop and an Anan hears.

He is a voice only guy so when I'm up there on his bands I will hear people calling him that he doesn't even have a clue they exist.  He likes to tell me his AGC is closed but even when it is open I have a solid copy on stations he has to ask me about.
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I am also coming from a Elecraft K3.  I've had my 6600M for about one month. The more I use the radio the more I am impressed by it.  I have made roughly 750 QSO's so far including CW, FT8 and SSB.  Tight pc intergation makes for simple configuration and use of third party applications such as N1MM, WSJTx, DX Labs, CW Skimmer and others.  The panadapters are second to none.  The receiver is very sensitive with great dynamic range for DXing and contesting.   The DSP filtering is superb.  Very fun radio to own and operate !  It will only get better over time.  -Joe N3HEE
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This summer, I have set up and used Both a K3S and an Icom 7610. I've used SSDR, bit not on a 6600. But I concur, If I had to rank them, my lowly 6300 would be first, then probably the K3, then the 7610. All are really good radios, and I'd be happy with all, but yeah - The Flex wins handily