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I really like this community. I do not know of any other company (apart, perhaps from Elecraft) where users have such direct interaction with the authors and support team of their equipment. I think it is a tribute to all at FRS that they are so prepared to wash their dirty laundry in public! I have no such interaction with Icom or Yaesu or Kenwood!

I am, however, finding it increasingly frustrating to see the same individuals seemingly on a quest to rubbish FRS and their products and who never miss an opportunity to snipe at fellow members - especially the alpha and beta testers as well as FRS themselves.

I'd like to block these people so that I'm not subjected to their negative comments. I receive updates as individual emails so just telling me not to read them isn't going to work! How do I do this?

David G4NRT
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Posted 4 years ago

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David, we appreciate your concerns and hear you clearly. Recently we have been taking some "behind the scenes" steps to modify some of this behavior with carrots rather than sticks.  There is a fine balance that must be struck between allowing people to express their opinions without fear of retribution. Especially opinions that may not be in the majority.  FlexRadio does not want to establish a reputation of silencing those whose opinions that may appear to be less than complimentary.   However, we have recently been removing posts that are in clear violation of our usage policy and will continue to do so.  Banning community members is a drastic step, but one we have taken in the past and will take if necessary. We ask for your patience as we continue to implement these changes, as they will not happen overnight and based on the volume of posts and the limited resources of the community "mayor" (I have to sleep some time) we may miss one from time to time.

Unfortunately, there isn't a filter within the GetSatisfaction  user profile settings to block (blacklist) posts from a particular user.  Depending on your e-mail client, you may be able to set up filter rules that will inspect all e-mails from the Community looking for a particular username in the body of the text.  I know there are some third-party add-ons that will allow this level of inspection based filtering.
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Thanks Tim.  It was as I suspected!  I will just have to be very selective about what I read but I am sure that others must have the same view!

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David,& (All)
         We all know who they are and I have long ago written mail rules (MS Outlook 2016) to filter out those that are "rubbish"  I just send them to the Junk folder to be sent to the trash or read as I see fit. They will not go away and the more we engage them the more they rant their "rubbish". 
         Kind of like kids if you ignore their temper tantrums they will tend to give up in the end. 

73's have a great day.
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Tim has a very difficult job and I can only wish him well. One could say the better he does it, the more dissenting voices will be heard. Maybe this is not a job that should be left to a single individual, but a 'committee' of (odd-numbered) volunteers. Tim could forward the more serious cases. That would protect Tim against any charges of nepotism or vindictiveness. Also, people would be more willing to accept a 'punishment' from a panel than an individual.

It is only on the internet there seems to be a rabid desire to silence those with whom we disagree. With free speech, one has to take the rough with the smooth; so much so, that as a Jew I would strongly defend somebody's right to be anti-Semitic. Silencing 'enemies' is what dictators do, especially the more insecure ones.

Even individuals with whom I often disagree can have something useful to contribute so people should be wary of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.