Band Edge on 6600M

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I am relatively new to Flex.  I received my 6600M in May and love it.  By doing a search, I know this topic has been discussed before on this forum several years ago but I thought I would ask it again to see if anything has changed.

I noticed during CQWW SSB this weekend that I was not allowed to transmit in the upper 2.8 KHz or so of the phone bands.  I understand that this is intended to be for my benefit so that my sideband does not transmit beyond the band edge. On 20 meters , for example, there was often a station transmitting between 348 and 349 that I simply was not able to call.  My two question are:

1) Are these band edge limits hard coded or it there a programmable parameter where you can set the band edge?

2) Is there a way to set a lower band edge?  I know that lower band edges depend on your license class.  However, I am probably more likely to accidently go too low in the phone band than go to high.

Again, I understand the reason but have mixed feelings about whether I like having that restriction imposed on me.


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Posted 2 years ago

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if they were 2.8khz band edge..most likely had some out of band transmit signal

yes i do believe they are hard coded in the .turf files.
you can always reduce the bandwidth of your transmitted ssb signal to get close to band edges...instead o 2.7kkz try 1.8khz b/w. or even wont loose any readability ...

you can get closer to th eband edge and still be within the band with your signal