Balanced Audio on 6600!

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Tim, and the whole FRS Team: THANK YOU for your announcement of a real balanced mic jack on the 6600. Did not expect such a response so late in the development cycle.

This level of responsiveness and user support is practically unheard of these days. Kudos to you all!
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Posted 2 years ago

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Thank You FRS, This was a very important feature to me.
XLR would have been great but 1/4" TRS is much better than a 1/8 jack.
I use outboard audio gear so a balanced input is a must for me.

Awesome News! Great job!
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James Whiteway

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Now I'll have to order an adapter for the 1/8" to XLR cord I ordered yesterday from Amazon!
Such is life!
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Rick WN2C

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Honestly I don't get it. If the 6600 is going to have 1/4 inch balanced input then why not the 6400? 
Is there something I do not know about the 6400 that it is not capable of using balanced input? What would it really take to replace that silly 1/8 inch computer microphone connector?
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Rick WN2C

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The radio is designed from the ground up. I wonder why this was thought to be a good idea to use 1/8 inch. Compatible with cheap computer microphone / headset maybe.? I have heard a few users using them and some did not sound too bad. Others not so much.
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Rich McCabe

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They already mentioned cost. Those XLR/1/4" combo connectors are not cheap so trying to keep the price point of the 6400 low.
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Ken - NM9P

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Awesome news! The 1/8" connector and only one mic input was probably my only dissapointment with the new rig design.

Having two microphones connected and switchable will be very nice.

1/4" TRS is fine for me. That is what I am using now on my 6500, and is a good financial compromise. I bought a couple of XLR/TRS connectors for a project (that I never finished) and they were expensive. And wiring them would take a lot more time ($$$) than a simple 1/4 TRS.

Thanks guys!

Ken - NM9P
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Andrew Thall

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Maybe this is a dumb question from a cw op, but what is balanced audio anyway and what advantages does it offer?
Andy, k2oo
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James Nelson

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Highly professional to have a balanced in, another show of professionalism from FRS. Being exposed to an audio background in younger years this addition will be seen by many as a great gesture.  A rig that is operated NON remote a balanced in makes the best where performance is paramount.  Its thumbs up
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I do wonder how these very basic hardware decisions could be made now and deliver units in a few months?
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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The PC board design and back panel layout had not been finalized so this feature could be accommodated.  Both have been finalized now so the feature set is locked.
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Bottom line, Flex 6000’s are Hi End radios and should continue to maintain the pro balanced input such as the 65/6700. For those users who want the best Speech audio possible a balanced input is essential.

Because a balanced microphone connection is a bi-phase 3 conductor connection and uses shielded audio cable you get a much better signal to noise ratio, better audio frequency response, the ability to use +48V phantom power for condenser mics. Also a balanced microphone connection is much less likely to cause RF problems in the shack.

Then you add the fact that there are a LOT more microphone options available to you because almost all mics come with XLR connectors. You can choose anything from a simple dynamic mic to a top of the line dynamic or condenser mic.

Although I would have preferred an XLR connection because of it’s better mechanical connection, 1⁄4 TRS works just fine. I will probably make up my own adapter using a right angle 1/4” TRS connector to reduce mechanical stress on the 6600’s jack.

Thank you FRS for adding this feature in at the last minuet, you just made a lot of people very happy! :)
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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I appreciate FRS making this addition.  This best leverages the balanced setups I have with my 6700s if a 6600 is swapped in. 

Great addition and glad the addition could be squeaked under the wire for production.


Steve K9ZW

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Cal Spreitzer

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Thank you Flex!  

Cal / N3CAL

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Yes, thank you FRS for going the extra yard!  Now replacing my 6500 is a drop in!