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Michael, the link you put up for...
The importance of good CAT cables . -- AKA Cables do go bad
is bad. It goes to a 'Page Not Found'
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Posted 1 year ago

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The page containing the post is not working. The same happened to my most below it. I will try re-posting.
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There is something going on with the community.  Flex doesn't manage this at all, so I am not sure what we can do.  This is what the post was:

Over the past few months I have been chasing a problem when using Skimmer on a I7 PC with 12G of RAM -- AKA, a PC with lots of processing power.  This PC is 100% dedicated to ham radio only stuff.  No firewall and no AV (yes, my choice and yes, the world won't end--it is protected in other ways).

The network setup is pretty simple.  100GB/sec unmanaged switch with the PC and 6600 connected to it (as well as the internet).

I could copy CW just fine, but once I started Skimmer (using Slicemaster), the audio got a bit choppy.  Stop Skimmer and it was fine.

Then, Skimmer would start to crash after 10-30 minutes.  

In order to fix it, I had to try something.  I got it on the first try.  I changed the CAT 5E cable from the PC to the Switch with a new one.  Immediately the audio was perfect and Skimmer didn't crash.  I test this for 30 minutes.  Perfect.  Put the old cable back.  Bad audio and Crash.  Go back to the new cable.  Perfect.

Next, I left it running overnight.  Perfect!  Skimmer didn't crash.

The moral here is that cables do go bad and aren't perfect either.  If you have having issues, replace cables between the radio and the switch and the switch to the computer.  


Hopefully if you are dealing with an intermittent issue, steps like I tried might make a change.  Make sure you keep notes.

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Glad you posted this problem because I have been having problems with my LAN.  Seems that every morning I could not log into my Rigrunner remote switch (on my hardwire connected LAN).  My other wireless devices were connected to the internet and functioned OK. So I didn't think there was anything wrong with my router. So I started looking around and found that I had a LAN surge protector (for lightning) device ahead of my Gigabyte 8 port switch and everything else connected to it like my Flex radio, computer, RR 4001i web relay switch, etc.   So - when disconnected, Everything worked as it should.  I'll leave the LAN surge protector out of the CAT V hookup from now on.