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In SSDR V2.5 and V3, the TX and Mic profiles are automatically saved when changes to their settings are made.  The is not optional:  there is no "turn on/turn off autosave" switch.

Can someone explain to me why this behavior is good or desirable?

I have carefully set up my profiles to do what I want them to.  Occasionally I will temporarily make a change to my operating settings for a good reason.  To restore them to what they are, I simply reload the profile I was using.  With autosave I will have to have two versions of each of my profiles: the one I want and a garbage one that I can use while operating.  I will have to load the profile I want, then save it as garbage.  When I want to revert to the desired profile, I will have to load it again and save it again to garbage.

Sounds like a good reason to stay with v2.49

Michael -- Km6LHD
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Posted 10 months ago

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I don't like this feature either.  Hopefully the upcoming v3.x point upgrade will make it optional.
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Auto-Save On/Off switch = Happiness :o)
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Hey, at least thanks for the garbage idea! This is one of those insane "features" that you almost have to wonder if the programmer has ever used a radio. The ENTIRE point of profiles is so that if you f it up while operating you have a known "good one" to quickly go back to. Amazing!!

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Of cource I as say that in case things really get messed up. keeping a good known profile handy is a good thing to do.

I know what your saying. Until they get this sorted out, maybe set you max TX to a safe power in case of a mistake?
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Can anybody tell me where these profiles are stored?

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On the radio itself

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The working profiles are in the radio, how ever the profile files them selves are saved to the computer. You can go into the profile manager and tell it were to save the profiles. I created a folder on my desktop called inport export as an example.
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Thank you Bill,

Actually I think the ones you can save on the computer are backups and not readable with a text editor. I was hoping to find files that I could change to read only so the S/W could not change them. Of course if it were that easy someone would have thought of it long ago. As you pointed out the working files are apparently in the radio. Probably for a good reason.