Auto Notch update not included in v2.2.8

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I have a 6400M that I use in standalone mode. I do not have my 6400M tethered to a PC running SmartSDR. The touch screen manual notch works perfect, however auto notch (if it exist) does not. I am spoiled with my ICOM IC-7700 which the auto-notch works. Just enable auto-notch and the offending carrier inside the passband is gone. No other interaction on my part is required. When will Flex get auto-notch working ?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Works just fine here, at what level do you have the ANF setting turned up too, if it is at zero of course it won't work until you get it to 1 or 2 and UP, to get into the settings click on the touch screen where the frequency read out is, adjust the sliders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On any of the DSP filters run them as low as possible that works for you because they will distort your RX audio on strong signals just like on ANY other radio's DSP filters out there, with some time you will find a great combination that just works.
Don't trust the factory defaults for your local environment.

It does not work or do you want it on in DIGU, DIGL, or CW of course.
You can program one of the F keys to enable / disable the ANF which is one button click to get it going on the fly.
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The ANF was not improved upon in this release. Someone tuning up on top of a QSO will still blow thru on top of someone talking, no matter the settings you use. And according to Tim, in another thread, it has not been addressed in v2.3.x (demo'ed at Dayton) at this point. He did say he would advocate more that this issue be addressed sooner than later. I for one, certainly hope so. It's painful to me that the ANF in a $5,000.00 radio doesn't work as well as the ANF in some 20 year old radios. Or as good Icom 7300.

But, I trust this will be fixed.....


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James, I think it is great that you speak out on things when you see the need. I noticed you have mentioned the lacking performance of the DSP over and over and never miss an moment in doing so.

It is to bad your having much pain because it is not working as well as an 7300, of witch I don't believe is 100% software DSP, a comb.

May I suggest that you consider some of the things your radio does better then some other radios? Then it's all even.
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Bill, I appreciate your input. I know you mean well. There is a ton of things that I like about the 6600M. But, there are some important things to me and others, that just don't work like they could or should, given the attention that seems to be paid more towards "eye candy" instead of basic, working, functions.
  As for what this radio does compared to others, yes, if I were to make a list of  Likes and Dislikes, there would be a much longer list for the 6600M than say, the 7300 I have for a backup. ( I have several other radios that get exercised once in a while, but, not as much as the 6600M) I listen to several Swap Nets and a few other groups on the air, and I do enjoy them. And listening to them with the Flex is wonderful. UNTIL, some LID decides to tune up on or even intentionally jam the net I'm listening to and participating in. If it's momentary and goes away, no big deal. But, if it's intentional jamming and continues for a long time, there is Nothing the 6600M (or any of the 6000 Series radios using SSDR) can do to combat the problem. My Yaesu FT-1000MP MKV can kill it, any of the Icom radios I have can knock it out as well. But, not the 6600M. I have no desire to get rid of the 6600M. But, it is extremely frustrating to know that the problem can be fixed in software, but, is not.
Tim said in another thread recently, (he directed his response to me) that he would advocate for the improvement of the  ANF. And I believe he will.
As for the list making things all even, maybe in a count, but, not when it's for something that is needed and would be used quite often. Yet, currently, is half baked at best.
I am glad you are happy with your radio. And over all, I am happy with mine. But, I firmly believe that if no one says anything about something as basic as the ANF, and even an All Mode Squelch, (which I know you have no use for, yet, there are others that wish SSDR had it like PSDR does)  then FRS , like a lot of other companies, won't bother focusing some of their considerable talent on the problems such as the ANF.
 Have a nice weekend Bill
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Does TNF help in your situation?
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Not really. I have found that I have to use several TNF's(one on top of another) to start doing any good. But, if the tuner upper/jammer moves frequency even a tiny amount, it is worthless. And with the M model radios, ( I have a 6600M) it's almost impossible to setup a TNF to notch out tuner uppers before they are gone or move in frequency a bit. When using SSDR on the PC, TNF's can help, but, even then, the version in SSDR seems to not be as robust as they were in PSDR.
For static interference, like the neighbors AC unit that puts out spikes on 40 meters when it first powers up, the TNF works fine. As it's always the same frequencies that are effected. But, anything that moves in frequency and is intermittent, it won't help.
That's when the ANF seems to work best in other radios.
Anyway, I trust that FRS will fix this, when is the unknown.

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The ANF works here but not very well.  Depends on signal levels.  DSP definitely needs work but that has been the general feeling among users for a long time.  It seems Flex works on new additions but neglects the basic features we have all had in other radios for many years such as a great ANF, NR, programmable filter widths, etc