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Using my laptop I get breaking up audio reports although it seems to sound ok on my KX3 when  I monitor, although I seem to detect some cracking but to receiving stations I am almost unreadable.

On my desktop no such reports, however even when I lower the mike gain to zero on my desktop I still get decent modulation, how can that be? Processor is off.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I'll bet you a cold beverage of your choice that you have DPC latency issues on the laptop and/or there is an issue streaming data to your laptop.

Run LatencyMon at the same time you are operating SmartSDR and getting the distortion issues.  Look at the report and see if the laptop is suitable for real-time audio processing.

For those more interested in DPCs and the evil they can cause...
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Burt Fisher

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It started off ok but when I ran FreeDV I got the above, it seems to be running on the edge, I got hardly any dropped packets on the network monitor. Why do I still have audio when I bring the mic to zero on the desktop? If I bring the mic to zero on the laptop, no audio.
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Burt Fisher

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I bet you can't answer this by 1500 EDST
No Apple, I have too many programs that run on Windows.
This laptop did run SmartSDR at one point although I have had issues from time tto time.
I am using a Toshiba L775D
Memory usage is about 40% CPU 40% or less cw runs ok
This laptop did work and had good results on the latency monitor in the past.
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You wrote a few weeks ago that you updated your Laptop to Win10.

Seems you had a whole raft of trouble with SmartSDR at that time.

Could that be the source of your remaining issues?

As an FYI when my old Dell XP box was losing its ability to Flex as software changed it simply became impossible to avoid replacing it with a decent machine.

If you have too little memory, you are not going to get around it easily on a Windows box.  The updates you get spoon fed with Win10 will in the end challenge the stability of rigs that were working, but just.

Doesn't matter if once upon a time you had a workings et up with older software and perhaps even an older operating system.  You are hosed here and now as it simply can do what you want with what you have.

BTW I run Windows under Parallels on some of my Apple machines and it works excellent, PLUS I get all the apple features on the OSX side. 

Good luck, but I would look at the additional memory first before changing machines, but to be happy you will likely end up following Tim's advice.

GL & 73

Steve K9ZW

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Burt Fisher

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People here are much smarter than I and have great advice. I looked at new machines they tend to have smaller hard drives and less memory, I have 6 GB of memory and a 1TB harddrive. That should be enough however something is obviously a problem. I have Teamviewer if anyone would like to try it. With only 40% of memory being used why is it accessing the hard drive?
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New laptop Toshiba Qosmio with i7 min 8 Gig and 2x500 Gig HD the boot drive SSD.
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Burt, your laptop may be just fine, as Tim mentioned about network connection. I read some where someone stopped using the on board net work and got a usb device instead, he found it to be a great difference in performance.