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As we went through the past couple of days with the release of 1.4 the community has been rocking. Please join me in praise for Tim for keeping up with all the threads and quick with the answers. I'd say he earned his pay this week. (Tim just remember just one oh damn cancels all your at-a-boys :) at least that's how I remember my work life)
We should also thank Gerald & Steve for jumping in.  
Best regards,
Dan --- KC4GO
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Posted 5 years ago

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I agree. Tim is a big asset to flex and really makes owning a fine product even more enjoyable.
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Agreed, great job Tim and all of the crew at Flex!
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I'll second that.
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Yes, the who Flex group is very easy to communicate with.  They have been since the very first radio was produced.  Whenever you communicate with a diverse group of people, you're going to get a variety of ideas and feedback.  I know that some of the negative comments frustrate me and I am just a radio user.  I can imagine how much they frustrate those working directly with the product.

All-in-all, I think the dialoge has been productive and Tim has kept the lid on the forum in an eloquent and diplomatic way.  That's not an easy job.
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I agree. The performance of Tim and the whole development team has been fantastic.

...Jon... WW6ZZ
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Frankly I was rather impressed by the patience and forbearance of Tim, Steve and Gerald through all the trash talk on this community especially when it came to dealing with the computer software development challenged who were incapable of understanding the tortuous development processes.

Great Work Tim and company
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"tortuous development processes"

No kidding. For those that did not check out the release notes.

This is a lot of fixes and improvements !!

Features, Enhancements and Corrected Defects
All Features, Enhancements and Corrected Defects since SmartSDR v1.3.8:
 #20 Added Remote Audio inside the LAN
 #784 Added FM mode
 #1282 Added Waveform API installation abilities
 #45 Improved SmartSDR graphical performance and responsiveness
 #867 Improved audio performance when multiple Panadapters and Slices are open
 #255 Improved SmartSDR RAM usage
 #1024 RIT and XIT range extended to +/-99999 Hz
 #866 RF Power and Tune Power now have separate sliders
 #1114 Setting TX slice now loads appropriate band power
 #213 Added WriteLog to Focus Helper
 #1601 Added Win-Test to Focus Helper
 #738 The TX Panel and CWX Panel locations are now remembered
 #1414 Slice +RX button now properly clones the nearest adjacent Slice
 #226 Equalizer Q widened for 2kHz, 4kHz, and 8kHz
 #1525 Radio chooser now shows which PC is connected to the radio
 #1463 Radio chooser now indicates if a radio is "in-use"
 #1286 Lost packets for Panadapter, Waterfall, Meters, and Remote Audio are all comprehended in the Network Diagnostics window
 #781 SAM audio no longer sounds tinny
 #1699 Fixed APF causing muted audio on Slice band changes
 #1630 Fixed audio pops when dragging the Tune power slider
 #1592 Fixed Preselector being disabled when switching to another band
 #1618 Fixed Preselector not showing the correct state on the second SCU based on Panadapter bandwidth
 #1647 Fixed an issue that caused the Antennas to be in the wrong state when using 2m
 #1656 Fixed an issue that caused the TX Slice to Change on band changes
 #1395 Changed DIGx preset filters
 #1191 Filter widget modification cursors no longer appear on mouse-overs when in fixed-width filter modes
 #1082 Panadapter RX+ button now shows the correct state when a Panadapter is closed and Slice resources are available
 #902 Fixed and antenna switching issue when going from 20m to 2m
 #949 Radio LED status now correctly reflects GPSDO state
 #1340 Fixed reset to factory defaults not working properly
 #1385 Fixed radio update not causing the LED to be purple
 #1349 Fixed an issue that caused the radio to not shut down cleanly
 #1247 Slice Favorite Mode buttons no longer appear blank at times
 #847 Fixed an issue that could cause lower power output in SmartSDR v1.3.8
 #811 Transmitting no longer messes up NB
 #1264 Destroying a Slice while transmitting now unkeys the radio properly
 #1010 Fixed noise burst on RF when radio keys up on SSB
 #1315 TX Inhibit now works properly when enabled during transmit
Page 5 © 2015 FlexRadio Systems
 #1086 TX EQ is no longer active in DIGU/DIGL slices (DAX level meter and output power now match)
 #731 Fixed an issue that prevented TX when on a band edge
 #1041 RF power slider now disabled when the ATU is in use
 #1028 SmartSDR now displays a pop-up message when reverse power (RF in receive port) is detected
 #954 TUNE, MOX, ATU, and BYP buttons are now disabled when the transmit is inhibited
 #1211 SmartSDR no longer crashes when it is not able to connect to a radio
 #1335 Fixed an issue that caused SmartSDR to hang
 #1625 Fixed intermittent hangs/freezes of SmartSDR
 #1398 Mouse right-click no longer stops the Focus Helper
 #1503 Fixed an issue that caused SmartSDR, CAT, and DAX to lose communication with the radio
 #999 FLEX-6300: Holding down the power button no longer causes the radio to reset to factory defaults
 #1596 Session state is now properly reloaded when importing Preferences
 #1497 Fixed power button on radio not always shutting down radio when pressed once
 #1515 Improved SmartSDR graphical performance and memory usage by changing meter packet handling
 #1517 Fixed edge tune issues when RIT is enabled
 #815 Waterfall is no longer blanked out when Windows turns the display off (Power Options)
 #1636 Waterfall Auto Black algorithm handles transmit better
 #1513 Optimized Waterfall to use less memory
 #1660 Changed Waterfall selected default gradient to 'Add Purple'
 #1397 Improved Waterfall Auto Black Level adjustment
 #1094 Persistence now restores DIGU mode properly
 #871 Fixed persistence issue where a Slice could get lost or off-frequency on SmartSDR restart
 #1419 Fixed Persistence inconsistencies creating extra Slices on startup
 #1411 Fixed Persistence issue that caused a radio crash when closing a Slice
 #1582 Fixed several issues with radio persistence
 #1622 Fixed Persistence inconsistencies after an Export/Import
 #1689 Fixed an issue that caused the radio to disconnect when the Windows clock is changed
 #1695 Fixed a SmartSDR disconnect on startup
 #1440 Fixed Panadapters not being visible after a client disconnect
 #829 Fixed radio crash when double-clicking to create a Slice on an empty Panadapter when no slices remain
 #1571 Fixed a DAX UHE from appearing if DAX is left running for a long time
 #1442 Fixed insufficient memory UHE
 #1649 Fixed UHE in SmartSDR while entering frequency
 #1399 Fixed UHE due to meter data handling
 #1416 Fixed UHE when tuning with FlexControl while SmartSDR is being initialized
 #1421 Fixed an UHE when resizing the SmartSDR window
 #1296 Fixed UHE due to Collection being modified
 #743 Fixed an UHE when a frequency is typed into the Active Slice Receiver Widget when there is no Active Slice present
 #1206 Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException dealing with status message parsing
 #255 Fixed a SmartSDR crash related cause by an OutOfMemory Exception
 #1178 Fixed another SmartSDR crash due to an OutOfMemeory Exception
Page 6 © 2015 FlexRadio Systems
 #1352 Phone/CW TX panel now initializes properly when TX slice is in CW mode
 #1678 Updated hyperlinks to the HelpDesk and Community in the Radio Startup Tab
 #1615 Extended radio update progress bar to reflect longer update times
 #1548 TXInhibit and +20dB buttons in Radio setup are now disabled before connecting to a radio
 #780 Corrected tooltip for the PROC button
 #1330 Slice Pan slider now increments properly on single click on the slider
 #1112 SmartSDR Installer: fixed case where DAX/CAT firewall exceptions were not applied before starting applications
 #1032 XVTR: Fixed added XVTRs being removed when restarting SmartSDR
 #1011 XVTR: Fixed bands sometimes not showing up in Band Select list
 #1669 DIV: Fixed antenna selection indicator on Slices not updating properly when using Diversity Slices
 #948 DIV: APF is now properly cloned in a slave slice
 #836 DIV: Antennas now initialize properly on initialization
 #640 DIV: Slice diversity settings now saved in Profiles properly
 #1053 DIV: Active Slice is now properly set when a diversity slice is created
 #1410 DIV: The DIV button is now clickable after band changes
 #1476 FlexControl: MouseWheel or FlexControl tuning Slice off-screen no longer result in unexpected Panadapter tuning
 #1036 FlexControl: Control Panel now gives a clear indication if a FlexControl is not detected
 #1278 FlexControl: Last button pushed is now remembered properly between sessions
 #1175 FlexControl: Fixed an issue that could cause an UHE
 #1045 FlexControl: Improved FlexControl tuning acceleration
 #1347 CW: Improved QSK performance
 #1413 CW: Reduced popping in QSK receive audio
 #914 CW: Fixed audio crackles when sending CW
 #854 CW: Fixed Slice audio not recovering sometimes after sending CW or CWX
 #1026 CW: Fixed red power LED TX indicator turning off before transmission has stopped if delay is above 44
 #980 CW: Fixed Pop on TX to RX transition if Delay value is high
 #1254 CW: Fixed truncation of first part of CW element
 #1251 CW: Sidebar CW preset filter options no longer show SSB presets
 #1084 CW: Fixed TX Interlock not working when in CW mode
 #1413 CW: Fixed a CW QSK interaction with AGC
 #1549 CW: Changed CW TX ramp times to 8 ms when below 31 wpm and 6 ms when 31 wpm and above
 #1378 CW: QSK indicator in Slice flag now updates properly on startup and band changes
 #1025 CWX: Added Remote CWX Sidetone
 #828 CWX: Macros are no longer sent twice when in LIVE mode
 #1116 CWX: Macros are now restored properly on SmartSDR startup
 #1146 CWX: Fixed crash when a long CWX Macro is saved
 #1066 CWX: A Global Profile import now sets the CWX speed and delay properly if CWX Sync is enabled
 #1490 CWX: Fixed syncing issue with remote CWX sidetone and outgoing RF
 #1467 CWX: TX no longer stops when moving the CW speed slider while CWX is transmitting
Page 7 © 2015 FlexRadio Systems
 #1454 CWX: Fixed UHE when sending a large amount of text at fast speeds
 #1620 Profiles: Fixed a Profile Manager crash during a profile load
 #1405 Profiles: Import and Export config file location paths are now saved to be the same
 #1666 Profiles: Fixed Profile Import missing several profiles after importing
 #1598 Profiles: Mouse scroll wheel no longer tunes the Active Slice when the cursor is over the TX Profile or MIC input dropdown lists
 #498 Profiles: Fixed Panadapter showing RX spectrum after selecting a TX profile and clicking MOX
 #1430 Profiles: Added default mic profile settings for RadioSport headsets
 #1158 Profiles: Deleted TX Profiles no longer reappear as modified when last selected
 #1356 Profiles: Profile Import Windows Explorer path now remembered even after installing waveforms
 #1133 Profiles: Importing a profile from a different radio model no longer causes a crash
 #1126 Profiles: Import now works properly when drag/dropping the ssdr_cfg into the Profiles window or SmartSDR
 #1006 Profiles: Loading a TX profile now results in a correct TX interlock state if there is no transmitter assigned
 #987 Profiles: Fixed Global Profiles not being imported and appearing in the Global Profile list properly
 #892 Profiles: Profile names with underscores now appear correctly in the Profiles dropdown menu
 #925 Profiles: Corrected tooltip for 'Memories' in the Profiles Import/Export window
 #962 Profiles: fields after importing an ssdr_cfg file are no longer selected if the import did not contain that item
 #893 Profiles: Fixed an issue that caused TNFs to not be imported and exported in profiles correctly
 #1105 DAX: Fixed DAX and CAT crashing when booting PC
 #1343 DAX: Fixed a memory leak in both DAX and CAT
 #795 DAX: Added dynamic tooltips and buttons to better indicate the status of the connection
 #1390 DAX: Fixed a possible DAX crash that could occur when disconnecting and connecting to a radio
 #900 DAX: Fixed a possible application crash
 #915 DAX: Renamed channel status from 'Disabled' to 'Off'
 #917 DAX: Modified wording for the 'DAX Driver Error' message
 #1096 DAX: TX Audio no longer stops transmitting after a while when using DAX, VOX, and PTT together
 #1105 DAX: Fixed a crash on PC bootup
 #263 DAX: Fixed corruption in transmitted audio
 #1299 DAX: Fixed high CPU usage after v1.3.16 upgrade
 #1313 DAX: Fixed crash due to NullReferenceException UHE
 #1633 DAX: Modified debug options to show errors on tooltips for support
 #1609 DAX: Fixed a possible UHE on DAX startup
 #1524 DAXIQ: Fixed issue that was causing DAX IQ distortion at 192 kHz
 #1684 DAXIQ: Fixed multiple client requests causing double data and bad available key data
 #1692 DAXIQ: Fixed inconsistent reporting of channel usage between DAX Control Panel and FlexLib
 #838 CAT: Added control to allow CWX Speed and Delay to be synced (Setup Form -> CW Tab -> CWX Sync)
 #937 CAT: Fixed holes in KWDSPFilter formatter
 #919 CAT: Fixed a 6m display artifact after tuning via the FA command
 #1207 CAT: Added support for CWL and CWU
Page 8 © 2015 FlexRadio Systems
 #1168 CAT: FM modes are now supported
 #1187 CAT: Tune Step in IF command now properly reported
 #1193 CAT: ZZFB now contains the correct frequency immediately following ZZSW1
 #1234 CAT: ZZMD03 and ZZMD04 now sets the radio to CWL and CWU modes properly
 #1235 CAT: ZZMD also now works for non-CW modes
 #1308 CAT: Fixed FlexVSP service not always starting properly on Windows 8.1
 #1269 CAT: frequency tune by logger now works with persistence
 #1444 CAT: Added Exception Handling for better field diagnostics
 #1478 CAT: Multiple instances of CAT are now prevented
 #1584 CAT: ZZAG and ZZAR now set values
 #1502 CAT: Fixed ZZFB command not responding on a dedicated CAT port until Slice B is tuned
 #1294 CAT: Mitigated 'VSP service not running' error by fixing CAT startup conditions
 #1604 CAT: ZZSW1 no longer moves an existing Slice B and will use Slice Clone mechanism to decide the Freq/Mode/TX Ant/Filter
 #1623 CAT: Fixed ZZFI and ZZFJ commands to work properly with the current DIGL/DIGU filters
 #1623 CAT: Fixed CAT command SL returning '?' when low or high filter cut is exactly 0 Hz
 #1650 CAT: Fixed ZZFJ depending on Slice A mode (instead of Slice B)
 #1213 API: Fixed an Unhandled Error in FlexLib
 #1266 API: Fixed scaling issue with PA Temperature meter
 #1425 API: Setting Slice Active to False in FlexLib no longer causes a lockup
 #1459 API: Fixed command/response sequence match issue
 #1545 API: Added PropertyChanged event for DiversityIndex
 #1546 API: Removed ToBytes() function in VitaDiscovery, as it was unused
 #1540 API: Fixed incorrect DAX StreamID reporting on removal
 #802 API: CW commands (iambic enable, iambic mode, swap, break-in enable, break-in delay) now emit status updates
 #803 API: CW status messages now sent out as transmit messages instead of CW messages
 #1021 API: Discovery packets are reordered to prevent a race condition in some properties (such as radio Nickname)
 #1017 API: Clients are now notified of changes to radio Nickname and Callsign
 #713 API: Added Waveform API
 #800 API: Setting a slice to DIV from another client no longer causes overlapping flags
 #835 API: AM Carrier setting now sends status update to other clients
 #799 API: The radio will now accept and emit "vox_delay=0-100" and "vox_level=0-100"
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Rich, per your list....
It seems that every day, as I use my 6300, I bump into another of those 'issues' listed here, that I had forgotten about, which has been corrected, improved or redesigned.  
I also commend FRS for a job, actually a lot of jobs well done.  Tom W4TMW
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Flex is lucky to have you on staff.

Same for Dudley!


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Fred Brandeberry

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I agree, Tim is doing a fantastic job, !

I am very impressed with v1.4, looking forward to v1.5!



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As a new adoptee of Flex and SDR, having only purchased my 6700 last August, Tim's considerable effort in anchoring the forum has been invaluable to me in getting up to speed. His recently reposted bulletin on "how to change the Com Port Assignment for a Flex Control" is one example of many such very helpful articles.

Well done Tim. I'm sure your efforts are much appreciated by all Flex users.
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I add my voice to the praises of Tim ́s performance on the board and everybody else at FRS with 1.4

Thank you guys! Today I managed to setup VPN and had a friend in Spain operating the Flex remotely... what a blast!
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Agreed...  Tim has done a great job answering tech questions and holding the group together and heading in a positive direction.  Job well done!   It does appear he's on here answering questions way to much and should take more air time.