ARRL 160m CW with 6500

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I had a play in ARRL 160m cw contest on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning, in between doing 12 hour section in UKEI contest this weekend. 6500 performed well and I managed to give the GW dxcc mult to a few stations using my special contest call GW9J.

 ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: GW9J
Operator(s): GW0GEI
Station: GW9J

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs):

Total:  QSOs = 45  Sections = 28  Countries = 0  Total Score = 2,520



Part time effort as also doing the 12 hour section of new UKEI dx contest on
80m-10m. Conditions seemed better on Sunday morning. Using Flex 6500, PA, into
160m inverted v dipole at 50ft.


Steve gw0gei / GW9J

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Steve Gw0gei

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Posted 4 years ago

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Nice Steve, I wasn't able to spend very much time on this contest.  I did 58 contacts....

I think I worked 6 or 7 countries, mostly in the Caribbean.
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No, one can blame the parent for having no books, not supporting the 'joy' of learning, whether it is in a classroom or in the back yard. If the child picks up on, which they will, that education and learning new things is not valued by their parents, they will not value it either. Even giving flight instruction, if the student, generally an adult, is not ready to learn, all the flight instructor is doing is yapping at them as he flies the 'student' around. Also, if a child does not get feed properly and get enough sleep they are not ready to learn. Generally, and I stress generally, the teacher is the last person to blame on the blame list. As is highly evident by much of what Burt says, teaching is something the teacher really has to be vested in doing as a vocation. When you have 150 to 200 students each day it is draining. It is WAY easier to design software.

It is not the IQ of the parents, it is the willingness to learn, the willingness to instil the intrinsic value of learning, and the internalized realization that education is crucially important to the child’s future. My wife has taught in a low income school, those kids were, on a whole, ready to learn. It was of the utmost importances to their immigrant parents that their children have a better life future than they have/had.
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I will add this when the subject of the Newtown shootings came up in the teacher's room no one thought the teachers that died were heroes. Why? Because it is our job to protect the students. When I ask the students what is the most important thing I do they say, "protect us." I look forward to September and not to June. The attached is way more valuable than the pay check
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Walt - KZ1F

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Burt, do you have a lot of 504's there? I am thinking specifically of the one you mentioned previously.

Also, thank you for, again, reiterating my point. People don't go into teaching because, "aw shucks, I didn't get offered SVP of Product Marketing".
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Burt, Walt and I could debate this forever and never agree.

I think it's time we stopped hijacking the 160M topic and close this thread.
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Walt I mentioned a disability case before?
Howard, you are right talking about using a 6500 on CW is much more important.
Although the thread did stray, it is refreshing to hear the views of highly intelligent people that own Flex then hear the views of some on Facebook who base their station in life on the size of their truck. It takes no brains to have a big truck, it takes brains to use a Flex
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I was only able to operate 5 1/2 hours on Friday night from about 10:15 p.m. to about 3:45 a.m. Saturday Morning  (EST).  Using only my 160 Offset Fed Dipole at about 35 ft.  Scored about half what I did last year.
Still not too bad for a limited operation - Single OP, Assisted, Low Power - but I don't think it will be a contender.  I started out only looking for HI & AK stations, trying to polish off the last two for 160 Meter WAS.  But I never heard them.  I was able to nab CA, OR, WA, UT, NV, SD, ND ID, MT, NM, CO, and other hard to find western states on 160.  (Hard from Indiana, anyway.)

I haven't had time to reconfigure my Dipoles to the tower or Build the Inverted 'L' for 160/80 yet.
Perhaps for the CQWW 160 contests....?

Ken - NM9P
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Joe Bales

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Did not hear Alaska here in Virginia.  Virginia is awful for the North West area on 160. I did snag many Washington contacts which I needed for WAS 160 and got them confirmed on LOTW right after contest.  I still need the elusive ND and UT and the ever tough Alaska to secure WAS on 160.  I worked SO Assisted about 700 watts - High Power category.  Did manage 16 DX countries 8 in Europe and 2 of them new ones for me.  Only at 51 confirmed on 160 towards DXCC -  Fellow ham snagged Fiji during the contest and already LOTW confirmed.  It got very tough finding new ones towards the end.  I worked a little over 13 hours.

 Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec
   1.8         344     736   74
 Total      344     736   74
Score: 54,464
1 Mult = 4.6 Q's
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Ken - NM9P

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Nice, Joe!
I didn't even get CQ Skimmer running for this contest.  I might have done a little better if I had, but i hadn't had time to clear up my DAX problem before the contest.  It has been a very busy month, and the rest of December will be, too!

Perhaps by the next 160 Contest I will get the Inverted 'L' up and rebuild my shielded magnetic receive loop.  (the tuning and impedance transformer were a rush-job compromise because I didn't have the right cores when I built it.) I am contemplating buying one of the loop preamps that Lee referred to in one of his posts, but I don't really want to spend $200 at this time of the year.

As it was, i didn't  think that a QSO rate of aomit 26 over the whole 5 1/2 i operated S&P was too bad considering my low dipole and low power.  I was too tired after getting back to town on Saturday night to do anything.  A few more hours might have been pretty productive.

Ken - NM9P
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Walt - KZ1F

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OMG Ken, that is awesome! Back at the RI qth I worked Israel on 160 and was elated for months. The 160 ant and tower in RI is featured on my qrz page. That was my only really good dx as I recall on 160.
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Craig K9CT

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Steve et al

Nice to see the Flexradios in action in the ARRL 160 contest. 

I operated in the SOHP Unlimited category. My score: 

Total:QSOs 1527 Sections 82 Countries 33 Total Score 381,915

I was using a Flex Radio 6700 and had it setup to do SO2R on the same band. That worked very well. I had an RX antenna that is isolated enough that I could get within a few KHz of my TX signal. The radio is full duplex so you can listen while TXing. I did not have any overload anywhere in the band with my strong signal and full band of other strong cw signals. I used N1MM Plus in SO2R and listened in Stereo or Focus on Other Radio most of the time. I shared the same TX antenna and amplifier. I also had a prototype Maestro interface that was next to my keyboard for S&P. It was very easy to see the spot to run in the crowded band. My TX antenna is a 5 element array that uses a full size driven element and four passive T top elements (director/reflector) that can be rotated every 90 degrees. I usually used it omni except when working EU or DX stations. My main RX antenna is the HiZ Circle 8 and the diversity and second rx antenna was the SAL30. It is about 1200 feet from the TX antenna. I also have a 180 foot high dipole that I can select or combine with the vertical. It helps with closer stations as it is really a low dipole on the band.

N1MM Plus is not setup to allow same band SO2R...but it worked. I have corresponded with their team and they are considering some adaption for the Flexradios. What didn't work? You could not do direct frequency input to the entry window nor could you change bands on one slice and try to get back to would lock you out. Everything else worked FB. 

73, Craig K9CT
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Steve Jones

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Nice set up and score Craig. I am considering an upgrade to the 6700 and good to hear that n1mm team are considering some flex specific enhancements. Good integration with contesting software is what we need. I have changed my general logging from logger 32 to commander suite for that reason. Hopefully one day n1mm plus will support the api rather than cat.
Steve gw0gei / gw9J

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