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Here's another one for you Eric:

When my (non GUI) controller sends a command to the API I expect and always receive the response message, e.g.

15:06:30.837 | [API>] C26|slice tune 0 18.070275
15:06:30.846 | [<API] R26|0|

15:26:03.903 | [API>] C35|filt 0 -330 330
15:26:03.940 | [<API] R35|0|

For most commands, that's all I get but for the slice audio gain command I get more:

15:06:45.201 | [API>] C32|audio client 0 slice 0 gain 91
15:06:45.272 | [<API] R32|0|
15:06:45.275 | [<API] SD3D79865|slice 0 audio_gain=91 audio_pan=50 audio_mute=1

The API has effectively echoed back the setting I just gave it (and some other information for good measure).

I'm wondering why this would be? On the one hand I can see a valid argument that my app knows what setting it just asked for and it got a good response back, so it doesn't need anything else. Conversely, I can see that echoing back the change is a useful thing to do.

I tend to think that echoing back the all changes would be a good thing. It would certainly reduce the complexity of my code a bit. Is there any reason why some commands do and some do not?

TIA, John, 'WGV.
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