Anyone else seeing reduced receive after upgrade?

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After upgrading my 6700 (using windows 8.1)  I experience a significant reduction in receiver performance. This is especially noticeable with CW.

I've upgraded and downgraded several times and checked the S meter for the same CW signals and 2.4.9 is much lower than 2.3.9 every time. I've adjusted all the sound levels, DSP, RX Gain, etc. and it's always the same. When I increase the RX Gain it increases the noise so much that the CW signal is drowned out completely. I have to keep it low which causes the CW signal to almost drop out completely.

I'm also having issues with FT8. Decoding stops if the DAX RX gain is not adjusted correctly. If I nudge it just a bit too high decoding stops. I don't have this issue with 2.3.9. I can push the RX Gain to the max and it still decodes

I don't know if it's because I'm still on Windows 8.1 but something has definitely changed and not for the better. All is well if I downgrade back to 2.3.9 which is where I'm going to stay for the time being.

Is anyone else using 8.1 experiencing these types of issues after upgrading?

Are the new SSDR upgrades only tested with Windows 10 or are they tested with each version of Windows that SSDR is designed to run on? I asked this question before but never got an answer. I think I'll just stay on 2.3.9 and hope the next release will be better.

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Posted 1 year ago

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Yes I noticed the same thing with my Windows 7 machine ... found FT8 so much trouble I could not make it stay decoding so I went back to my old ver as you did and everything works greatcsgain
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Glad to hear that's it's not just me.
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Not experiencing any of these issues.  Using Windows 10.
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Also no problems here using 6600M/v2.4.9/Win10, Upgrade was pretty much "uneventful" (a good thing).
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No problems with mine. WIN 10 Flex 6500, I run JTDX, FT8CALL and the new release of WSLT-X 2.0 rc2.
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Whatever was changed does not seem to be working well with older versions of Windows. It almost makes FT8 and CW unusable
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Works well here on Win 7, I have not noticed much difference.