Anyone else getting daily crashes with SSDR

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It seems like deja vu, all over again.

I upgraded to SSDR on my 6700. I found the direct USB connection for my Expert Systems 1.3K-FA and improved DStar capability great, but...

I am experiencing crashes and lock ups of my 6700. I get SSDR's lost network connection with my 6700, and when I quit SSDR and restart it, I can't find my 6700. The only way to find my 6700 again is to shut the 6700 down and restart it (it does not quickly power off, but takes a while to consider the command). Occasionally this will only keep it working for 10-15 minutes before it crashes again!

Having been down this road before, I pressed the "OK" center button and the power button, did a factory reset, unplugged the power, replugged the power, turned it on and imported all BUT my preference settings.

This seems to work for most of the day, after which it crashes again!

Is this just me?

Is anyone working on this unexpected "feature"?


Vy 73,
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Posted 3 years ago

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The 1.10.15 beta release notes state that there is a fixed issue

"Intermittent Radio Crashes Fixed"

and at the end of the document in known issues there is the following

"Some users have experienced radio crashes when using this version of software" 

It would be helpful if Flex acknowledge the issue is still present I always find communication silence difficult to interpret.

As I have stated in other posts a list of known issues for public beta and full releases would be very helpful.

Software problems are to be expected I suppose and acknowleding them would help everybody using the software understand if its a local or SW issue and help them understand there system behaviour.

Andy M5ZAP

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I am on the latest beta version with w7 and for the first time I had the lock up and beep issue when I came back into the shack just now after leaving the radio on all day. I had to long press the radio to get it off and then turned the power off on the psu once it had  powered down.  ssdr locked up when I first tried again so I had to close down ssdr and it worked the second time, but it lost my persistence.

I have left it on for 48 hrs or more before with previous beta and this beta and not had the noise issue. I did have lost connection a few times with the original beta but never the beep and lock up.

I have no pc or network connection issues (shack is on cat 5 cable connection and shows full green bars all of the  time).

I guess this is still a bug issue.  I ran for four hours last night in rsgb 160m cw contest and only had one lost cat connection problem which required a reload of cat. Only thing different I have been doing since last night is that I have had wsjt-x 1.7runnning on 6m monitoring ms on 50280 with a second panafall and slice on 50150 usb monitoring the calling freq on usb.

Hope these issues are getting sorted as its arrl cw contest next weekend.

Steve gw0gei / gw9j 

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No lockups or crashes, then again, I power down every night.  Do the people having crashes/lockups keep their radios up all the time 24/7, perhaps?  Just wonder.....
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Pat, I also power down every night (6300). I upgraded to 1.10 almost as soon as it was released, without issue. I experienced 2 crashes with 1.10 a couple of months ago (IIRC) so reverted to 1.9.13 and haven't had any more issues....Win7 Pro. Tom w4tmw