Another cool thing about v3.x software

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IF you are a digital junkie and like to listen/do the 75m nets at night, here is a way for you to do both at the same time.

I am running a 6300 with a laptop AND a maestro. I also have a separate RX antenna hooked up to the transverter port.

Note you can do this with two laptops, a laptop and an iPAd, and a Mastro. The idea is that you have two completely separate ways to access your radio on the desk and you have a separate RX antenna.

On your digital station operate as normal, except click the FDX icon on the bottom. This enables full duplex.

Now on the second device ( a maestro in my case) operate however you want to.  Make sure that you tune on both sides or use a resonant TX antenna. 

Now you can operate both at the same time and when transmitting the other console will only be affected if you are on a harmonic or too close to the transmitted signal.   

I have found that I can even do digital on 20 and operate on the other side of 20 with tolerable interference. When on separate bands things just work.

Usually, I am running HELL or on rare occasions FT8 on 40/80 while hanging out with the guys on 3.916 at night.

I can not wait for the software to stabilize.

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Posted 1 year ago

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Curious, please describe how you set transverter settings for this. I suspect you put transverter on 75m and set offset to 0 (zero), is that correct (away from radio, otherwise I'd just try it)...
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How are you running FDX on a 6300 ?  Thought you needed a 6600 or 6700 to do FDX ?
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I have the RX antenna set up as outlined in another message in this thread, running multiple consoles ( multiFlex)  ( Smart SDR for digital on laptop) and a maestro for ragchewing. 

Working fine on a 6300.
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Transverter settings:

Software 3.0.19
Antenna: Pixel Loop Connected to XVTR port

1. Name: Pix  -  this gets INVALID in red.. ignore it.
2. RF Freq: 0.0000
3. if freq: 0.0000
4. LO Freq: blank
5. LO error: 0
7. Max Power: 0.0
8. Rx Gain: 0.0

TX Band Settings:

PIX - RF Power: 0, Tune PWR 0, PTT Inhibit: Checked

Slice Settings:

RX Antenna ( BLUE ): XVTR
TX Antenna (Red): ANT1

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I think you may be able to do the same thing by just selecting XVTR for the RX Antenna (without setting up a XVTR).  Does this not work for you David?