Amplifier Choice and connection for Flex 6300

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I have an opportunity to purchase a Ten Tec Centurion 422 as well as a QRO 2000 amplifier. I am needed to decide which one might be best.  There is of course a $800 difference between the two with the QRO being the most expensive.

 I was wondering if anyone is using either one and could comment on the quality of the operation with the 6300.  I am also interested in how each amplifier interfaces with the flex.  Finally, any comments on which amplifer might be the best choice would be encouraged.  Thanks in advance for the help.
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Larry Patten

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Posted 2 years ago

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Stanley Korzep

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Hi Larry

I have been using the Centurion with the 6300 for over a year.  No problems. I use a keying relay for CW,  No ALC connection.  Semi break-in with 125 ms keying delay is ideal.  Output of the 6300 is more than adequate for full output of the amplifier on all bands including WARC bands. 

I have used the Centurion for more than 10 years with various rigs.  It is getting old but not tired.  I have replaced the HV caps last year, but still use original tubes.  Keep the grid drive under the maximum and you will have a very dependable amp.

Stan W8NNX
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Duane, AC5AA

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Larry - I ran a Centurion for about 10 years and it performed very well, and was very solid.  I had moved to an Alpha before I bought my 6500, so can't tell you how the two interoperate,  I can tell you it uses relay switching but did QSK very well for me on CW at the speeds I used it - around 25-30 wpm.  I also ran RTTY with it at around 900-1 KW.   I had only one problem with it - infant mortality of the bias transistor, for which Ten-Tec provided support in the first couple of months that I owned it.  

Hope something here is useful.

   73, Duane
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I can only comment on QRO build quality, i have owned two QRO HF-2500 DX amps and they are both over built amps with over rated parts through out designed to last. Here is a good write up if you havent already seen it.
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Hi Larry Patten,

I have never used the 442 or the QRO 2000, however I have a QRO HF-2500 DX amp.  Upon viewing the arrangement and parts on the 442 in comparison to the 2000 I would note that the size of RF components, the quality of parts, the transformer are the much more robust in the 2000.

Looking at the pictures of the QRO 2000 the quality is compatible to my 2500.  If I had to choose, seems to me that the 2000 is more amplifier for the money even though it is more.  One pays for quality. Ray makes a fine machine.

BTW.... just love spending some ones money Hi HI

Good Luck on your choice

Ken K7YR
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I am running a TenTec Centurion 442 with the Flex 6300 and have no problems.  The break-in works very well on cw and it is super quiet.  In fact it is much quieter than my 6300.  My 6300 only delivers 80 to 90 watts out and that will only drive the centurion to about 1 KW PEP out.  To get legal limit I would need to beef up the centurion PS to a higher plate voltage.  Earlier, there was a foldback problem using the amp, but FRS fixed the problem and it's fine now.  

Paul AA6Z
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The best amp will be the one you choose.
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I drove to NC and looked at both the QRO and the TenTec.  I am glad I did since, in my opinion, the QRO was  a much better amplfier.  That is the one I bought.  K9COX you are right.  The one I bought was the best of the two.  Now, if I could just get dduitl to communicate with my steppir I would have everything where I want it.  But, that is another adventure.  Thanks to all for your comments.
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Here's info from the DDUtil WiKi for the SteppIR.

Dave wo2x