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My 6700 continues to amaze me. I turned it on for a "minute" this morning. Since I could see all of 20 meters I picked a good ssb signal and listened. It turned out to W1AW that I worked right away. I wondered where the MUF was and opened up pans for 17, 15, and 12. 17 was active, 15 not so much, but 12 was loaded. I picked an ssb signal and worked him, barefoot, right away -- OH6RE. The ability to observe all these bands at the same time, see all the signals, and pounce totally changes amateur radio.
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Posted 5 years ago

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That's why we like to call it Visual Radio(TM). ;>)
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Last night, while waiting my turn on a 20 meters QSO, I popped open a second Panadapter and typed in 27.185 to see if I could hear any truckers driving though on 11 meters. (because I can) All was quiet there, but from that vantage point I could see that other parts of the 11 meters band was very alive. I knew right away that 10 meters was probably alive as well.

At this point I jumped over to 10 meters and started calling CQ. No one called me back on that frequency, but I could see a nearby signal, so I spun the Flex control knob over to the nearby signal and it was a someone in Brazil calling CQ. I immediately returned his call completing my first QSO on 10 meters on my FlexRadio.

So two visual cues led to a QSO that would otherwise not have happened. And I never missed my turn on the 20 Meters QSO.
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This sort of advance in operating capabilities is exactly why I'm excited about the 6000 series radios!!!!!
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Yep, same here. That's why the 6500 is my 1st SDR!!!!!
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Visual radio indeed. After working away from the rig most of the afternoon I walked by the 6700 and noticed a signal peaking on the same 12 meter frequency as OH6RE this morning. Thinking it was the same station I listened and heard a "J". I turned my Tennadyne T-6 about 50 degrees and responded to JQ2IQW's CQ. Right back. Fish in a barrel comes to mind -- or rather DX on a peak.